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Sunday, 29 August 2010

#Doc046* - SEYMOUR, Jill (Gillian) 01 - NEC - UKIP - 26-Aug-2010

#Doc046* - SEYMOUR, Jill (Gillian)  01 - NEC - UKIP - 26-Aug-2010

SEYMOUR, Gillian

1,696 Votes Allocated

 - I'm surprised her husband is willing to let Gill carry on this charade in view of the risks!

He is one of the few who could afford the 'joint & several' liabilities of NEC membership even in the Limited Company Michael Zucherman tried to rip the party off for (quoted £10K to set it up when most of us could do it on line for under £500 in 10 minutes!)

Expected to be corrupt and self serving by the 'cabal' as she has been proposed by Godfrey Bloom see above and also CLICK HERE 

You may find some of the info. here of interest CLICK HERE
One need only look at the corrupt list of signators including liars like David Bannerman who is currently under investigation for fraud by OLAF and then note the number of utterly corrupt decisions Gill has been party to as an NEC member - you start to realise that she may well bat her eyelashes in innocence but if that IS the case then she is clearly utterly stupid and heinously incompetent.

Sorry Gill - a pleasant woman but either dishonest and corrupt OR stupid and weak.
Either way unfit as an NEC member - her talents could be better used in the fight for these United Kingdoms.
Aged 52. What can we say? Jill means well but lacks the courage to stand up to Farage and his sycophants. We have lost count of the times she has promised us to tackle Farage about corruption in UKIP. She always arrives at the Farmers Club full of optimism and a sense of purpose. But once there a quick glare from Nigel soon silences her into submission.

Dr Eric Edmond, Del Young and David Abbott will attest to that.

Jill Seymour: A tragic tale of wasted opportunities. Don’t waste your time. To View the original of this comment CLICK HERE

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