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Friday, 20 August 2010

#Doc029* - DARTMOUTH, William Earl of

#Doc029* - DARTMOUTH, William Earl of

We gather that Mamma has given her permission to Wee Willie to throw his hat in the ring as a potential leader of UKIP so Acid Raine shall fall on UKIP showing her clear contempt but no doubt her little boy would have a tantrum if she stopped him!

So it looks as if the serial turncoat and Multi Millionaire inadequate William Dartmouth - unable to control his temper tantrums honestly believes he is competent to lead UKIP - What contempt for the Party, Britain and our peoples!

One must assume he has adopted the characteristics of his aptly named Mamma 'Acid Raine' - despite his new wife having sold one of her flats for $13,000,000 (presumably part of her divorce settlement from a previous sap) UKIP has seen no sign of wit, wisdom or generosity from Wee Willie who made himself a laughing stock and further reduced UKIP to a figure of fun in The EU pretend Parliament when his temper tantrum led to him shouting, stomping up and down and tearing up and hurling papers around when - like every other MEP his microphone was turned off having over run his time.

Astonishingly this silly little man - £Millionaire or not seems not to have donated a bean to leaving the EU and nothing to UKIP - drawing his full salary and doing NOTHING of value save giving credibility, by inheritance, to the Racists, anti Jewish Pan EU Political EFD Group he promotes and assists!

Clearly the poor little spoilt brat knows absolutely nothing of politics and thinks The EU has something to do with democracy and debate IDIOT!

No wonder The Tories would not give hima chance at a seat and having been dumped from the House of Lords was dumped by The Tories - So someone at Tory Central Office has a brain! Farage is a sucker for running a shelter for failed Peers, no doubt he thinks it will stand him in good stead for his planned Peerage now that they are making Oiks & Barrow Boys Peers and the House has become a joke with the likes of Gorbles Mick, slime like Mr. & Mrs. Kinnock not to mention Lord Back Alli and Aley be Brown!
Westcountry MEP mooted to take over from UKIP peer

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A Westcountry aristocrat has been tipped to run for leader of the eurosceptic UK Independence Party after its present chief stepped down.

Lord Pearson of Rannoch, who only took charge in November, said the party "deserved someone better" to put the case for leaving the European Union.

Sources in the party have hinted that South West Euro MP William Dartmouth – the Earl of Dartmouth – could be persuaded to throw his hat into the ring.

During the general election, Lord Pearson was criticised for appearing unfamiliar with the party's manifesto and demanding some candidates to stand down in favour of eurosceptic MPs from rival parties.

Despite this, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) increased its share of the popular vote.

The party was particularly successful in Devon and Cornwall where it finished in third place – ahead of Labour – in three seats.

The move could open the way for a return by Nigel Farage, who quit as leader to concentrate on his failed attempt to oust Commons Speaker John Bercow from Parliament.

Leading Thatcherite economist Professor Tim Congdon, who quit the Conservatives to join UKIP in 2007, would also be a popular choice, sources suggest.

Only Euro MP David Campbell Bannerman, one of UKIP's two deputy leaders, has said publicly he is planning a tilt at the leadership.

Last night, the Earl of Dartmouth – who once stood as a Conservative MP and was last year removed from the European parliament for questioning whether Greece and Cyprus should be involved in an "Arctic policy" – refused to rule himself out.

He said: "It is very early days. Everyone is considering what is best for the party.

"Leaders of political parties very often resign after general elections, and usually with immediate effect. But (Lord) Malcolm (Pearson) is not departing until September 2."

But with the pro-European Liberal Democrats' party in Government and the Conservatives ruling out a referendum on the Lisbon treaty, he said there were "many things we are saying that the main political parties aren't".

Speculation over the party's direction is likely to dominate its annual conference in September, which is to be held at Torquay's Riviera Centre.

Roger Knapman, leader of the party until 2006, defended Lord Pearson's tenure as he oversaw a 50 per cent increase in the party's vote.

Mr Knapman, a former UKIP Euro MP for the South West, said the party's growing popularity in Devon and Cornwall since 2005 – when it lost most deposits in the 16 seats it contested – should be a template for the party at large.

He said: "In 2010, we actually finished third in three places – that is the kind of growth I am talking about. We just have to have the bloody-mindedness to keep going. And that we will."

In the election, the party polled 3.1 per cent of the vote, but took no seats. It was the third most popular party in the North Cornwall, North Devon and Torridge and West Devon constituencies.

Some commentators have argued UKIP helped deprive the Conservatives of at least ten seats – mainly in the South West – by fielding candidates in constituencies the Tories had a good chance of winning.

In a statement yesterday morning, Lord Pearson said: "I have learnt that I am not much good at party politics, which I do not enjoy."

He added: "UKIP deserves a better politician than me to lead it and show the country how liberating and enriching life would be outside the EU."
To view the original article CLICK HERE

The sanitized version of his temper tantrum where under EU pretent parliament rule 20 para 2 his time was cut off for a personalised attack on an individual not related to the subject.

There are may videos of Dartmouth on You Tube - it really really seems as if he thinks he is important and has a role in The EU - what happened to Britain and campaigning to leave NOT just to reform The EU and waste time sounding off to get expenses to trouser!

For more details on Little Willie between his temper tantrums, travelling and useless inactivity in UKIP:

Wee Willie has been being naughty, which I am sure will not please Acid Raine his mum who controls his father's purse strings since he died and William upgraded to Earl and as you will see from this an ardent opponent to The EUropean Arrest Warrant (EAW) if there are ulterior motives perhaps they are revealed CLICK HERE

For more details of his pornographic activities perhaps best let the Telegraph help CLICK HERE

William Dartmouth has rushed to print to show he is not only unfit for office as an MEP in a decent party but clearly unfit as a Company Director unless of course he personally sues The Telegraph for outright dishonesty which I do not believe he can.

Instead of acting as any decent man would do and apologising with the comment (or similar) these facts were it seems deliberately kept from me and I have immediately resigned and handed the matter to my lawyers disassociating myself from Hanson, his companies and sharp practice. Here is his admission he is incompetent as a company director.
Statement from William Dartmouth.

I have never heard of the company mentioned in the Telegraph article ( Mandrake Column ).
I have had no dealings with the company mentioned in the article.
As far as I am aware there is no connection between that company and the Hanson companies, namely Hanson Logistics and Hanson Family Holdings of which I am a director.

I am sure that if there is anything I need to know on this matter then Mr Hanson will be in touch".
End of statement.
Quite ludicrous as any decent individual would agree - A company Director with no knowledge of a major part of his business. I am aware that in the days of Lords Hanson & White their annual returns were described as 'like The Dead Sea Scrolls as everyone is aware that the answers are all there but it is near impossible to unravel them'! However I doubt the enobled men would have had directors who didn't know what they were doing and the present Hanson must surely have accountants who lay out his accounts - Dartmouth being an accountant must surely see the accounts - or is Dartmouth claiming Hanson is on the fiddle?

I see that UKIP's usual filth has poured out to spin, distort and seek to justify hard core pornography! Mick McTrough is clearly happy to defame in payment for being put on the NEC, as expected and Denny makes his usual fool of himself with inaccurate fancifull and dishonest speculation! see CLICK HERE

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