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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

#Doc038* - DALY, Paula 01 - UKIP

#Doc038* - DALY, Paula 01 - UKIP

DALY, Paula

I find this poor lady's staggering lack of knowledge of UKIP befits the very short term in the party.

I can only assume her knowledge of the party has all the validity of many 'alternative therapies' - that as a couloured woman she reasons that this might help her in UKIP is touching - with 'alternative therapy' is this yet another 'alternative logic'?

Has this poor woman not realised that the endless promotion of The BNP by Nigel Farage & the serial liar Mark Croucher Farage's Rse wipe, in the run up to the election sadly enabled the vile BNP to get 2 MEPs elected.

Does she know nothing of Nigel Farage's Pan EU Party EFD partners with their overt racism, convictions for racism, attacks on 'coloured immigrant children, support of the Nazi Party, holocaust denial, anti Judaism - not to mention pro EU membership stance and even some of UKIP's MEPs are not interested in leaving The EU but in reform.
Sadly Paula Daly's aspirations as stated are almost contra fact and her judgement is deeply flawed when one realises she has liars and cheats like Mick McTrough and David Bannerman as assentors - As a practicioner of Nural Linguistic Programming and other Common Purpose skills Ms. Daly may need her close protection skills at conference if the usual fruit loop conspiracy theorists turn up!
Aged 46. Where has this women been? She claims to find “the media’s dismissal of UKIP as closet racists as deeply offensive”.

Has she ever heard of Farage’s EFD Group of which UKIP’s MEPs are members? We advise her to check out the policies of the EFD’s Lega Nord. Perhaps she should also ask Bannerman – who signed her nomination paper - why he is happy to sit with a party that believes in racial segregation on public transport.

The former leader of Lega Nord, Umberto Bossi, an MEP in the last parliament, was convicted of incitement to violence in 1998. He received a one-year suspended prison sentence. He had previously received a conviction for taking a 200 million bribe. In 2003 he described Africans as "Bingo-Bongos", and suggested that the Italian navy should open fire on boats carrying refugees.

We don’t advise her to attend any meetings of the Lega Nord as her colour may offend their sensibilities. She really needs to speak to Nikki Sinclaire!

Clearly naive or just plain stupid. To view the original of this comment CLICK HERE
Paula Daly has been the subject of several complaints after UKIPPERS in the East Midlands noticed that her NEC election statement contained falsehoods.

Claims to have been a Euro election candidate in 2009. False.

Claims to have been UK General Election candidate in 2010. False.

This matter has now been brought to the attention of Zuckerman, the Returning Officer.

Paula Daly was formally married to an Irishman whose name she chooses to keep. She lives in Nottingham and commutes to London where she works for Gerard Batten. You will note that her seconder is Lynnda Robson, her work colleague. One of her assentors is Batten.

You may recall that Toby Micklethwait produced an election campaigning leaflet/booklet for use by UKIPPERS. She got hold of the booklet and distributed it in the East Midlands. We don't have a problem with that but should she have claimed it as her own work?

UKIPPERS should be very cautious of her. She is deeply distrusted by UKIPPERS in the East Midlands due to her eagerness to turn a blind eye to corruption in the party. But as she is in a hurry and has ambitions to become a UKIP MEP should we be that surprised?

A Farage sycophant from her head to her toes!

Here goes for the official spin!:
I am told that Paula, poor lass, misunderstood the term "contested", and took it to mean "was part of the campaign team".
How very embarrassing to find that although you work for the idiotic and dishonest Gerard Batten, who has helped you and probably you filled in all the forms in the office with help - out of 38 Candidates you were the only one caught doing a McGough and telling lies about being a candidate in an election OR if you are not a liar and a chet like McTrough you are the only one so stupid that you didn't understand the English language!

So I guess it is upto the members to decide if Paula Daly is a con artist, which seems likely in view of her employer and her signators or just very stupid, which I guess in either instance means she would fit in with the rest of the Leadership - Dishonest AND stupid! ;-(

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