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Sunday, 22 August 2010

#Doc032* - EDMOND, Dr. Eric 01 -

#Doc032* - EDMOND, Dr. Eric 01 -


Not as yet ANNOUNCED - a maybe?
Eric Edmond is unlikely to stand as although he has shown an interest. I believe he has more sense and I would hope more understanding of his own limitations - that he has his age against him is self evident but that he has a visible and seemingly uncontrollable temper serves him ill. I say 'visible' because he is quick to blow as you watch his wattles redden seems to have absolutely no ability to control himself and settles as rapidly.

He was elected to the NEC once before but was out manoeuvered, out gunned and out politiced by Nigel Farage the moment he started to do his job and represent the electorate of the South West who put him there by asking questions about UKIP's financial probity!

His academic qualifications sadly are a near match to Tim Congdon's so as both have mathematics, economics and presumably stats - the difference boils down to a better lay language for the masses on paper for Eric whilst Tim for all his TIMidity translating as nerves is in fact a better speaker.

Eric would make an excellent number 2 if he could stay in control of his temper. Although his wife Mary, as a Paediatric Consultant I believe, would give him an excellent insight into many aspects of Health Care and the NHS - I am not entirely convinced she would be foolish enough to give him her backing in tilting at UKIP's windmills, which is increasingly becoming a waste of time and effort as it is, like an animal in its terminal stages, over run with parasites and predators which is so common as may well be Mary's first lesson in reality for Eric ;-)

You will I expect enjoy his well written blog which oscillates between UKIP, hard core economics and general commentary of a political nature from an economic standpoint if you CLICK HERE

Here is an extract from his blog which makes his position fairly clear - but he was not able to show ANY signs of out maneuvering the cabal and minded just how incredibly stupid they, in the main, are that does not bode well. Yet again it was his temper that let him down for I would be only too happy to let fools like Zucherman show they knew lots of swear words and could shout loudly, hardly attributes in leadership or a grown up committee - despite the rest of the ignoramae in the audience and amongst the participants.


UKIP needs a dose of democracy

At my first UKIP NEC meeting I suggested that the policy of sending MEPs to Brussels was not delivering, and indeed had no possibility, of achieving UKIP's stated aim of the EU leaving the EU. This was howled down by the Fargistas Denny and Clarke MEP who was and still is on the gravy train. There was no debate as 'this had been settled a long time ago'. Well excuse me but if a policy is patently not delivering is it not time to revisit it and consider the alternatives?  Not in UKIP where there are many whose income now comes from the EU.

I found it incomprehensible for an avowedly EU withdrawal party to be based in Brussels, paid by the EU and toeing the EU rules to get EU money. Its the same sordid money grubbing reason why UKIP, an avowedly anti-racist party is now allied in the EFD to the racist Liga Nord, a party that was and is one of the prime supporters of the Lisbon treaty. What really concerns me is why debate on this issue has been shut down by the UKIP hierarchy.

The reason again goes  back to money to pay sycophants and party hacks. Farage rules UKIP through a set of placemen and women many of whom are paid on EU funds and those who aspire to an EU funded poat in Farage's gift. These funds are only available if UKIP obeys the EU rules. These rules are designed to break down nationalist parties and make them form pan European alliances and hence good Europeans whose loyalty is to their paymaster the EU and not to their country. Thus does Farage's control freakery harness UKIP to serve the EU's aims and betray those who vote for UKIP believing they are helping to get the UK out of the EU.

This is the British way of politics. Ask the LibDem footsoldiers who have seen their party manifesto policies dustbinned to put the bums of the Lib Dem hierarchy onto ministerial chairs. The Tories also feel betrayed by the Boy who now runs a government indistinguishable from Tony's, even down to its own Gord figure called Vince. As for the voters who Clegg admitted lying to, who cares. They can be safely ignored for the next 4 years until the next election.

One way out of this  undemocratic rule would be to restore democracy in UKIP. This could happen but not under Farage. The current UKIP ruling Cabal combines all the worst features  of LibLabCon with a leadership that is largely Tory party rejects. You cannot campaign against the undemocratic EU and at the same use these same EU practices in your own party to maintain your ruling clique in power..
To view Eric's original article CLICK HERE

Some like it live!
to be fair it was made a while back whilst they did still have some!!! ;-( 


My fall out with Farage's UKIP

Someone by the nom de plume of Gillig posted a comment on this blog asking for the history of my 'fall out with UKIP. As there may be others unfamiliar with this history I give my posted reply to Gillig below. I make no apology for recounting these facts. UKIP septic sycophants frequently recount their lies so a bit of truth might redress the balance.

"UKIP's leading lights all have a lot of 'previous'. I fell out with Farage at my first NEC by making it clear I wanted to see evidence to support his fatuous allegations before I voted for any actions like barring branches or UKIP members. As an elected member of the NEC I had joint and several liability for party debts. I therefore demanded to see party accounts so I could be sure UKIP was not insolvent. I was of course never shown these accounts.

After the first NEC meeting I went to I heard Farage in the corridor outside shouting at his nodding donkeys about me, 'I want him off'. At a later meeting the late Piers Merchant told me he heard Farage and his sycophants orchestrating an NEC vote to remove me. This involved various dirty tricks like Nuttall cancelling a NEC meeting at very short notice when he found they did not have a majority. NEC member David Abbott had arranged to fly back from the US at his own expense from the hospital he worked at as a Doctor to support me at that meeting. I was voted off at a subsequent meeting David could not attend. Then with me off David was voted off.

The last opposition on the NEC, Del Young was kicked out of UKIP entirely by chairman Nuttall on the completely untrue grounds that Del was a member of UKF. Of course no evidence was produced to support this action. I can state categorically Del was never a member of UKF. I hope this gives you some of the background you requested.

The fundamental problem is the culture on UKIP's NEC is that of a cult with Farage as leader. Rules and proper procedure are ignored as is fairness and natural justice. It works and smells just like the EU! It is full of weak, untalented Farage sycophants most eager to get their noses in the EU trough.

When I stood to get on the UKIP SW MEP list I pledged that if elected I would give my entire MEP salary to UKIP. I was removed from the SW MEP list by a vote of Farage sycophants on the NEC to this effect so I am sorry I did not get the opportunity to fulfil my pledge. UKIP has lost out by £100k so far!"

More distressing was that the SW regional committee democratically voted for Gawain Towler, a long time Farage associate, to be taken off the MEP list for sound electoral reasons. Their local democratic decision was reversed by the Farage controlled NEC. Mr Towler was invited to defend himself at the NEC and sympathetically questioned by Mr Farage. This courtesy was not extended to me but then I am not a friend of Mr Farage. I just heard second hand I had been removed from the SW list that I had been democraticaly voted on to! I was then subject to the usual smears and innuendos from the usual anonymous sources.

I note on today's Junius blog this sordid practice still continues with Gerard Batten , not for the first time, the target of anonymous smears.

UKIP can never succeed electorally when it kicks out talented people like Del Young who was a huge asset for UKIP, and fiddles the MEP selection process to keep high profile talented media candidates like Robin Page off the MEP Eastern region short list that members are allowed to vote on. It is the EU approach, interpret the rules sympathetically for your friends and apply them rigorously to those who are not.

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