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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

#Doc035* - PAIN, Christopher (Chris) 01 -

#Doc035* - PAIN, Christopher (Chris) 01 -

PAIN, Christopher (Chris)

Next in line to replace Derek Clark if he goes to prison, dies or his senility becomes untenable, no doubt working with others in the E.Mids. to bring on his downfall now that Clark & Ransome have virtually destroyed the membership base which is now well under 1,000 (at 820!)

As I recall this chap was dressed up as a medieval soldier in an ENGLISH tabard as a bag carrier for Dr. Dick Horsnell from the Isle of Man who sought to carpet bag a seat in Boston, Lincs. some years ago - check for yourself - 
Tel 01754 764 448. Mob 07876 505055. Email
I have grave reservations about Chris Pain as despite the outright abuse of members and corruption of Derek Clark and the collapse of members in his region I have not heard a murmur seeking to put it right or denounce Derek Clark's dishonesty, bullying, kangaroo Courts and false witness against individuals as he betrayed his members, electorate, and Country by espousing, negotiating and signing up to GREATER Subsidiarity and increased powers for the EU over Britain!

I do wonder how much silence has been a matter of turning a blind eye to corruption for personal gain - the incentive of being next in line on the gravy train is powerful! I also note Chris Paine was invisible when the corrupt Derek Clarke aided by Douglas Denny and Gerard Batten fabricated evidence against Peter Baker and tried to throw him out refusing any basic justice - so very UKIP but what would you expect from filth like those three not one of whom has ever noticeably acted honourably and backed corruption on the NEC, the Leadership and selection processes - just as the odious Gerard Batten and Derek Clark are only too happy to aid and assist as members of the racist, anti Jewish, sexually intollerant EFD Group - their claim being they do it for the money it seems!

I gather Chris Paine was complaining to a friend that Derek Clarke wouldn't sign as an assentor - surely any decent man would be pleased about that!

May we also know, since Pain has so many corrupt UKIP MEPs as signators how he squares the circle with their self serving corruption, employing family, defaulting on debts incurred in brothels, arrested for having sex on the bonnet of a car in a public street with a black prostitute, collusion in Racism, anti Judaism, pro EU membership and the vile EFD Movement

TYo his credit he did bring a rather limp and secretive attempt to pass a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in Derek CLARKE in The East Midlands but failed to organise it adequately - (It is astonishing to think ANYONE had ANY confidence in a low life like Derek Clarke in the first place!).

Could Chris's relative silence have been bought and paid for by self interest?
Aged 44. There were concerns over some of his assentors - Bloom, Bufton, Oxley, Ransome - but we have now been told the reasons why these names were sought.

Mike Nattrass, Nikki Sinclaire, Del Young, David Abbott and Geoffrey Kingscott all endorse his bid for the NEC. That is good enough for us.

Mr Pain is concerned with making UKIP more professional and we have been assured that he will fight corruption within the Party.

In the East Midlands there was a post-General Election meeting where various PPCs and Branch Chairman called on Lord Pearson either to resign or move sideways and be put in charge of party fund raising.

This was due to Pearson’s decision to campaign for Tory candidates. It was felt by many UKIPPERS in the East Midlands that he had betrayed everything that UKIP had stood for.

They were also disgusted with James Prior and the campaign team and wanted their association with the Party to end immediately.

At this June meeting Derek Clark promised to pass on their concerns. It is now August and Mr Pain and his colleagues are still waiting for a copy of Clark’s letter to Pearson and Pearson’s reply.

Worth your support. Gets the Junius seal of approval. Chris has a website:

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