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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

#Doc026c* - BUFTON - LEADERSHIP 4 UKIP Runners & Riders 2010

#Doc026c* - BUFTON - LEADERSHIP 4 UKIP Runners & Riders 2010

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
I Gather he is making a steady recovery!!


an unequivocal good luck to John Bufton in his recovery from his recent stroke which precluded him attending Strasburgh a couple of weeks ago.

At under 50 (John was born in 1963) a stroke so young is far from good news, though a full recovery is likely at this age but without care it can be the first signs of a series of related health issues to follow.

Although John Bufton is an ambitious chap if too weak to stand on his own feet hence his participation in the sordid support of racism, xenophobia, anti Judaism and sexual intollerance that his membership of Farage's vile EFD Group denotes - one need only look back on his CV to realise he has never seemingly had a consequential job with a high stress level and buckling to the bullying of Farage and fear of the claque of parasites that are Farage's praise singers and sycophants it is probable his position has been a contributory factor in his stroke.

The life style of an MEP is utterly stupid and when you think I have had a tail on one MEP recently who has slept in 6 different places in 7 days as a part of his job, moving from home to EU, London to constituency etc.

John has virtually relocated from his home and do be minded he uses homes in mid Wales, Weston and on the south coast not to mention Strasbourg and Brussels. Not a sensible life for anyone with common sense, which may explain the low caliber of politicians!

John may have the sense to stand down and nurture his health and go back to the more simple life he led seeking to be all men to all people! However false optimism is likely to preclude such sense! All too often warnings are not heeded and a return to the stress level life of on and off of planes and as has been said in the past of John that Anger Management might help - just as withdrawing from trying to keep pace with the hard drinking and over indulgence of the life of many MEPs would be wise - though unlikely.

All too often people think that strokes are a result of a poor diet and in many instances they are! A bad diet may well be too many lobsters in cream sauce washed down with expensive wine - an EU diet for an MEP funded on the public purse!! 

Let us hope John takes the advice of his doctors and has the maturity to withdraw from the needles stress and foolish life style of his pointless existence in The EU when he could do so much more, so much more effectively seeking to get Britain out of the EU by spreading the word IN BRITAIN as a UKIP MEP rather than a member of the vile EFD posing and posturing in The EU, a pointless existence and a betrayal of britain and UKIP electorate.

It is entirely upto John Bufton whether he chooses to live or is bullied into following down the slippery slope to his early demise.

The choice is yours John - but do take care of yourself as I can imagine nothing more catastrophic for UKIP supporters than your having to stand down on health grounds or worse there is just no one in Farage's party in Wales who would be other than utter disaster as a replacement - they have made absolutely no valid impact in Wales and are without gravitas, competence or ability able only to abuse and insult as a defence of their utter incompetence.

To be fair John was completely out of his depth but sadly he is head and shoulders above the chiff chaff & trash that are UKIP in Wales.

I would hazard a guess that John's son is now about 14, so let us hope John takes care of himself, both for his family and for UKIP supporters like myself.

Good luck John but the choice is yours.


I was reading John Bufton's web site with some interest - here he is addressing the coleagues in The EU Parliament:
seemingly his close coleagues were enthralled!

But taking a wider view of the matter:
No one seems much interested in what he has to say but then again consider the subject matter which is so pertinent to his remit to campaign to Leave-The-EU and at the end of the day what on earth is he wittering on this subject about when did he gain knowledge of this was it as a local councillor? Perhaps whilst managing a council care home for the elderly or as a debt collector harassing people who had not paid their TV Licenses!

Is it any wonder no one is listening to his views on The Western Sahara!

When one spots such obvious stupidities from a man costing 100s of £1,000s a year to get Britain to Leave-The-EU yet fiddling his expenses, making ZERO donations of any consequence to the cause, out carousing as Jack the lad in Brusells and Strasbourg when clearly he should be in Wales promoting the cause not idiotically show boating in The EU where he is a complete and utter irrelevance!

It is then when already irritated by the stupidity that one notices details that normally don't matter such as on a salary of around £80K a year he presents with just the one tie and a single suit on each video on his front page.

One feels a need to pick him up and shake him to see if, besides his gabble, he is in fact awake!

It is then that I noticed:
Perhaps someone could wake him up!

King George VI died 06-Feb-1952 aged 56 having been born in 1896 - were he alive today he would be 115.

Minded that John Bufton is a Politician and law maker in place to defend The British Constitution, and regain our Sovereign Independence it surely is incumbent on him since the King died 11 before he was born to not still be seeking donations under The King's Crown!

Yes indeed a detail but just the sort of detail to which our politicians should pay attention long prior to spouting about The Western Sahara about which I doubt he knows a single thing of consequence!


Saturday, 29 January 2011

UKIP: John Bufton

We would like to wish John Bufton a speedy recovery after suffering a recent stroke.

Certain UKIPPERS in Wales are keen to find out if he will be forced to retire as an MEP. His number two on the Welsh MEP list is particularly EAGER to see him stand down.

Mr Bufton has been less than impressive as an MEP. You may recall how he was recently caught out by the Daily Mail and Channel Four. It concerned a little scam that he had been involved in ever since becoming a UKIP MEP. John had been turning up to the EU Parliament every Friday morning to collect his £260 daily allowance.

No crime in that but you would expect him to stay for the day rather than quickly scuttling out of the building as soon as he has signed in!

Mr Bufton defence was rather lame to say the least!

"That's our system".

Bufton is less than happy with membership of Farage's EFD group but sadly lacks the guts to follow Nikki and Mike's example. We can confirm that Farage was rather 'helpful' when it came to that Channel Four programme. That Bufton was targeted came as no surprise to us or Nigel. You p*ss off Farage and face the consequences!

Mr Bufton also upset many Welsh UKIPPERS by being rather tight when it came to donating part of his salary to the party.

It later emerged that Bufton had donated just £900 to UKIP Wales during his first year as an MEP. This was despite a promise to donate large sums to the party.

The monthly pre-tax salary of all MEPs within the new statute from July 2009 is €7,665, which is the equivalent of an annual salary of €91,980.

And let us not forget that Mr Bufton gets an attendance allowance of €298 every time he signs into the Parliament.

A quick check of the records will reveal that from July to December 2009 he has claimed this allowance 55 times.

As we said, UKIP activists in Wales were less than happy to discover just how little Bufton has donated to the party. Especially when they remembered how they were expected to empty their branch accounts in order to finance his election campaign.

For more on Bufton: LINK & LINK 

Sunday, 20 June 2010

UKIP: UKIP councillor says he was 'stabbed in the back'

A UKIPPER says he was stabbed in the back? Never! Surely this could never happen in Pearson's New UKIP!

Remember Adam Brown? He was the independent councillor who came over to UKIP in 2009. He later became somewhat notorious about it was revealed that he had posted sexual innuendo about a woman on trial for murder. See: LINK

Mr Brown started asking a few awkward questions about John Bufton, UKIP MEP for Wales. He wanted to know how much Bufton had donated to the party since becoming an MEP. BIG MISTAKE!

The last thing you do is request financial transparency from a UKIP MEP. Just ask David Abbott, Martin Haslam and Eric Edmond. They got thrown off UKIP's NEC for daring to request financial probity.

Mr Brown has now been suspended from the party. And UKIP didn’t even have the decency to tell him. He only found out after Merthyr council’s deputy chief executive contacted him with the news!

It later emerged that John Bufton had donated just £900 to UKIP since his election as an MEP.

The monthly pre-tax salary of all MEPs within the new statute from July 2009 is €7,665, which is the equivalent of an annual salary of €91,980.

And let us not forget that Mr Bufton gets an attendance allowance of €298 every time he signs into the Parliament.

A quick check of the records will reveal that from July to December 2009 he has claimed this allowance 55 times.

So another UKIP MEP gets his snout in the trough and goes native. What a surprise!

UKIP's John ' loads of Money' Bufton. Smiling all the way to his bank!
We can reveal that activists in Wales are less than happy to discover just how little Bufton has donated to the party. Especially, when they remember how they were expected to empty their branch accounts in order to finance his election campaign.

But why are they so surprised? UKIP only exists to keep Farage and his chums on the EU Gravy Train. The activists are there to be used and then discarded.

From the South Wales Echo:

A MERTHYR councillor has had his membership of Ukip suspended following a row over an unpaid election bill.

Adam Brown was elected to represent Gurnos as an Independent in 2008 and joined the anti-EU party last year.

In last month’s General Election he stood in the Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney constituency, coming seventh with 872 votes.

Mr Brown said that earlier this week he learnt from Merthyr council’s deputy chief executive Gareth Chapman that he was no longer a Ukip councillor.

He has posted a message on his Facebook site which says: “Can someone tell Ukip that I actually offered to resign last week yet this week they tried to get the first boot in by telling the council that I’ve been kicked out!!!!!

“In my world if you have a problem or an issue with an individual you tell them to their face and not stab them in the back from behind.”

A further message posted by him states: “I’m gobsmacked ... All I did was ask a MEP where is his 10% donation to the party which is what we all signed up for.”

Mr Brown said he had been asking whether John Bufton, the Ukip MEP for Wales, had been making contributions to the party – as he had been doing from his councillor’s allowance.

Chris Bruni-Lowe, Ukip’s General Election campaign coordinator, said: “Adam Brown told us he could not afford to pay a General Election campaign printing bill for £3,500. As his own agent in Merthyr he had a legal responsibility to both pay the bill and sign a declaration relating to his election expenses. He did neither.

“This was something that could bring Ukip into disrepute, and after making numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact Mr Brown the party decided that he could no longer be a Ukip councillor. We informed Merthyr council of the decision.”

Mr Bufton said that since being elected an MEP a year ago, he had donated £900 to the party.

Last year Mr Brown was reprimanded by Ukip after posting a sexual innuendo about a woman on trial for murder on an internet message board. He had launched a suggestive internet poll with the question: “Amanda Knox? Would you..?”

Knox was at the time on trial for murdering fellow student Meredith Kercher in the house they shared in Perugia, Italy, in 2007. She was later convicted and jailed for 26 years.

To see the original: LINK

Statement from John Bufton MEP

Personal Statement from John Bufton MEP
Re Channel 4 Dispatches Programme 15th November 2010
“I strongly refute the suggestion made by the Daily Mail on Saturday 13th November 2010 and by the Channel Four Dispatches programme on Monday 15th November 2010 to the effect that on Friday 12th November 2010 I claimed my daily allowance at the European Parliament improperly. I am currently seeking legal advice on this matter.”
John Bufton MEP
in view of the dirth of subsequent legal rebuttal are we to assume that John Bufton's legal advisors suggested he refrained from being stupid and that he hadn't a leg to stand on and there was no way he would get so much as an apology from either The Daily Mail or Dispatches - so just enjoy the money you have milked the system for!


14 Nov 2010
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