On his personal website, Godfrey Bloom continues to state that he "employs no immediate members of his family on his secretarial allowance unlike most other MEPs (Non-UKIP)." But he continues to list his own neice as an employee!

And what is this "no-UKIP" caveat? Nigel Farage continues to employ his wife on his secretarial allowance. In fact Farage, as we all know, was the first to break the MEP's agreement not to employ family members. Farage of course got around this shameful broken promise by denying that there ever was such a promise (to the members) and by telling the other MEPs "Its different, because its me". That, incidentally, is exactly what he told MEPs when the matter was exposed in the press. To a man, they stared at the floor and shuffled their feet, afraid even to look their owner in the eye.

Bloom also got caught paying staff from his company, TBO investments, from his secretarial allowance. The Times named all the offenders....

UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom pays assistants who also work for his investment firm - Times Online

This, incidentally, came just a few days after Bloom issued a statement condemning MEPs who employ family members.

That is taxpayer's money that Bloom used to subsidise his own company payroll.

And this man has the gall to criticise Mote and Wise? The only difference is, Bloom, that you play ball with Farage, so unlike Mote and Wise, he won't shop you.

But just wait and see what happens when you fail to play ball, Bloom!

Bloom also showed the world what a real gent he is, when he was ejected from a meeting of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) at Mansion House for his drunken and offensive behaviour. He then complained at his treatment after "40 years of exemplary service to the financial services industry".

Would that be the same Godfrey Bloom who was fined by the FSA for inadequate supervision and monitoring of staff providing advice to clients and for inadequate recordkeeping between December 2001 and October 2007?

Hardly exemplary Bloom, is it?