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Saturday, 7 August 2010

#Doc024* - UKIP NEC Candidates - Must Be December 2009!

#Doc024* - UKIP NEC Candidates - Must Be December 2009!  

The Results of The NEC Selection were so very very predictable and apart from Godfrey Bloom's attempt to corrupt the process and the fact that it is probable the process was 'Ultra Vires' to UKIP's own Constitution - The result was so predictable that we did predict it!

That it was so out of kilter with the individual popularity bases of the Candidates that it is impossible I find for it to be considered anything dissimilar to almost every UKIP selection process - RIGGED TO SUIT THE CABAL - why are we NOT surprised.

Well, Well, Well, UKIP have finally published their list of chosen NEC members

Steve Allison, George Curtis, Hugh Williams, Jill Seymour, Mick McGough, Elizabeth Burton and Julia Reid.

We would have published ages ago, but we had to be sure our various contacts weren't being set up for entrapment - an old trick of the cabals - minded of which that dishonest little man Martin Hasslam has rejoined UKIP, I guess the behaviour of UKIP does rather form his 'natural' home.

IF UKIP is to survive with any credibility whatsoever then
Mick McTrough
Hugh Williams
George Curtis
Elizabeth Burton
Toby Mickelthwaite
Paula Daly
Steve Allison
Louise Bours

Will NOT have been elected but I would lay you odds that at least 5 of these scheisters will feature.

Then we have to consider the dramatic change in fortunes of the candidates heralded by the arrival of the final ballott box and the joy that around 1,000 late votes unexpectedly flooded in JUST before the close of voting.

Why are we not surprise - sorry Ray you were doing really rather well until the last minute!

Well would it surprise YOU?

Can YOU name a UKIP so called election or selection process that was not provably corrupt?




01. Allison 2275
02. Curtis 1849
03. Williams 1748
04. Seymour 1696
05. McTrough 1604
06. Burton 1548
07. Julia Reid 1491
08. Coburn 1,452
09. Micklethwait 1,326
10. Finch 1,317
11. Pain 1,261
12. Bours 1,248
13. Henke 1,198
14. Rowlands 1,191
15. Black 1,077
16. Daly 1,051
17. Mason 958
18. Garner 924
19. Atkinson 881
20. Jones 863
21. McKenzie 857
22. Harrison 847
23. Slaughter 832
24. Povey 822
25. Moyies 807
26. Mackay 789
27. Macey 751
28. Durrance 749
29. MacIntyre 694
30. Swain 687
31. McWhirter 653
32. Hookem 634
33. Macarthur 559
34. Duxbury 500
35. Evans 421
36. Carter 392
37. Dodman 355

I guess there will be feverish disinterest today at UKIP HQ in Farage's local bar.
Meanwhile I suppose that sometime after 10am. behind closed doors the safe will be opened and the list of neophytes originally chosen last February will be carefully slipped into the system to ensure a plausible number of votes are accreditted to each of the chosen candidates to strengthen the Cabal in Farage's homosexual Free slightly black tokenry zone.

Many will recall the mantra of 'the bingo bongos won't vote for us' or some such and the notorious leadership scam orchestrated to place Farage - you will remember that when it started to go awry UKIP Press Office as it was seen under the guidance of that egregious piece of filth Mark Croucher refused to carry out the instructions of UKIP NEC and deliberately flouted the intent of NOT using the scurrilous comic Croucher edited for the election and hinted at all sorts of links of Candidates other than Farage as supporters of tThe BNP and as I recall even tried to claim Richard Suchorzewski was homosexual as he was not married - little realising he had a long term girlfriend who was of Caribean origin and was a Sister in a front line Hospital in London.

Many will remember the lies of Annabelle Fuller (who I gather is currently unwell - but then again I have for years thought that much of what she did and also wrote was pretty sick! Joke aside her prolonged absence would indicate perhaps this may not be a moment for jest and even she deserves some support at such a time).

I understand unlike Samantha Cameron she did not decide last week to go into Labour, however her husband has decided to continue supporting His Coalition at the expense of the Country.

I gather that was how Labour got its name  - an uncontrollable pain resulting in a huge ongoing expense, where everyone has an opinion which overides the producers who will find it likely to be of little comfort in your old age and help you get there faster!

The scam election was, as with most UKIP behaviour, filthy from the off with the ex Party Secretary Douglas Denny being slung out by the NEC as Returning Officer for his dishonesty and corruption - then there were the lies from The Press Office including Annabelle Fuller trolling around the toilets at Hustings spreading malicious claims Richard Suchorzewski was a homosexual and a BNP supporter in the certain knowledge, within UKIP, that even though many members have an affinity with The BNP antipathy for homosexuals is rife, as with the rabid Islamaphobia.

Well this selection process is now all over bar the shouting.

AM I INFERRING that UKIP Internal selections are utterly corrupt and consistently so - You Bet Your bippy.

There is not a single solitary NEC member you would be wise to trust and without exception they seem happy to collude in corruption, dishonesty and decept of the members of UKIP.

UKIP Leadership and its parasites are only likely to be straight once in their entire existence - that would be when they lie straight in that final box - they should not, on their track record be trusted with money, elections, the truth or ANYTHING you value.

UKIP are, as the electorate have shown - largely unelectable and hence out of 19,000 elected offices they would seem to hold less than 30.

Who is lined up to join the NEC - Frankly who cares they are so corrupt and so utterly irrelevant, along with the filth they have alligned themselves in The EFD 'ultra vires' to their own Constitution in The Pan EU Political Party group The EFD see para 2.1

For More Details on the scum + other material which you can find in The Right SideBar.

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

UKIP NEC Candidates - Must Be December 2009!

The results of this election were due for the first NEC meeting in March!


This is a true measure of Nigel Farage and his Leadership Team's abilities to lead!

Imagine Them With A Proper Job in Government 9 months late with Civil Service Wages for example!

To view the long list of those who have left UKIP due largely to the total cr@p on The NEC and the leadership past and present CLICK HERE do let me know if there should be additions to either that list or this.

The Legal Status of UKIP NEC 

7.1 The NEC is the Party's highest management committee, entrusted with the duty of ensuring that the Party achieves its stated objectives in an efficient and judicious manner. The NEC is responsible for the Party's funds, structure and publicity. The NEC may advise the Party Leader on political matters. The NEC shall approve the Party’s final manifesto.

7.2 The NEC may institute a postal ballot of Party members on amendments to the Party constitution, provided that a motion to do so is approved by a two-thirds majority of NEC members present and voting.

7.3 The NEC shall appoint a Party Treasurer. The Party Treasurer may be a serving member of the NEC, but need not be, in which case the Treasurer shall become an ex-officio member without a vote at NEC meetings.

7.4 The NEC shall appoint a Party Secretary. The Party Secretary may be a serving member of the NEC but need not be, in which case the Secretary shall become an ex-officio member without a vote at NEC meetings.

7.5 The NEC may establish temporary and standing committees for the administration of the Party and the development of policy.

7.6 The NEC shall normally comprise of 12 members elected to the NEC, the Party Leader and Party Chairman (who may be elected members), together with two members who shall be selected in accordance with rules to be made by the NEC from time to time from among the Party’s elected representatives who receive in respect of their elected position emoluments commensurate with full-time employment. The NEC may determine that there may be ex-officio members. Ex-officio members shall not have a vote.

7.7 Election to membership of the NEC shall be restricted to paid-up members of the Party in good standing. These members shall neither be paid employees of the Party nor any of the Party’s elected representatives who receive in respect of their elected position emoluments commensurate with full-time employment nor self employed contractors for services either with the Party nor with any of the elected representatives of the Party (provided that members who provide paid professional advice or supply goods or services on a casual basis to the Party or the Party's elected representatives from time to time shall not be excluded from standing for election to the NEC. Any dispute in relation to the foregoing proviso shall be conclusively determined by the NEC.

7.8 If at any time the Party membership of a serving NEC member shall be suspended, that member shall automatically be suspended from the NEC and shall not be entitled to resume his or her place on the NEC until after the restoration of his or her Party membership. If at any time the Party membership of a serving NEC member shall be revoked, that member shall automatically be expelled from the NEC without the need for the NEC to take any further action.

7.9 Members shall be elected for a term not exceeding 3 years and shall be eligible for re-election at the completion of the 3-year term.

7.10 Elections to the NEC shall be conducted in accordance with rules laid down by the NEC from time to time and shall take place annually on a date to be announced, together with the number of vacancies and the latest date for the receipt of nominations, in the issue of the Party newsletter penultimate to the election. The election shall be by postal ballot of members.

7.11 The election shall take place on the basis of the first past the post system. Each eligible Party member may cast a number of votes up to, but not exceeding, the number of vacancies and all votes shall be of equal value.

7.12 The resignation of a member of the NEC shall either be evidenced in writing and sent or given to the Party Chairman, or if given orally at an NEC meeting it shall be minuted and those minutes shall be signed by the chairman or secretary next to the entry relating to the resignation.

7.13 Should a vacancy occur between elections, the NEC may invite a candidate from the immediately preceding NEC election to fill the vacancy in accordance with the election rules for that election for a term until the next annual elections when the position shall be filled by election. Members joining the NEC in this way shall have the same rights as elected members.

7.14 The NEC shall meet at least six times a year. Meetings shall be chaired by the Party Chairman or, in the Chairman's absence, by the Party Leader or, in the absence of both, by a member of the NEC appointed by the NEC for that meeting only.

7.15 Seven voting members of the NEC constitute a quorum, except in the circumstances outlined in paragraphs 7.18 and 7.19 below.

7.16 Any five or more voting members of the NEC may requisition an emergency meeting of the committee by calling on the Party Secretary to summon one as soon as practicable. They must state the business to be discussed and any related motions to be put, and the agenda for the emergency meeting shall comprise this business and matters arising and no other.

7.17 Expulsion of a member of the NEC from the committee may be undertaken only by a resolution to that effect passed by at least two-thirds of the voting members present. These measures are in addition to the automatic suspension/expulsion from the committee as per 7.7.2.

7.18 Grounds for expulsion/suspension from the NEC shall be the following: -
1. Public opposition outside the NEC to measures duly approved by it if it is considered that the said public opposition has caused or is likely to cause the Party or its leadership to be brought into public disrepute.
2. Breaching of NEC or Party confidentiality
3. Persistent non-attendance at its meetings without good cause.
4. Unbecoming conduct in the course of NEC meetings.

7.19 The quorum for a meeting where a disciplinary matter involving an NEC member is to be heard shall be nine excluding the member who is the subject of the motion.

7.20 The member against whom disciplinary action is taken by the NEC must be given a reasonable opportunity to put his views to the NEC, and also to question any member who has made allegations against him (which are relevant to the action).

7.21 If the member against whom disciplinary action is to be taken by the NEC is not at the meeting, he or she must be given a reasonable opportunity to attend on a subsequent occasion. Action can only be taken in his absence if the NEC is of the opinion that it would be fair and reasonable to do so in all the circumstances.

7.22 The quorum for a meeting where a motion of no confidence in the Party Leader is to be proposed before the NEC shall be nine excluding the Party Leader. It shall require the affirmative vote of no less than nine members to pass. The Party Leader must be in attendance or if he or she is not in attendance he or she must have been given reasonable notice within which to attend. The Party Leader must be given the opportunity to address the meeting if he or she is present.

7.23 If the Party Leader shall be re-elected at an election following a vote of no confidence in him by the NEC, elections shall be held for all elected seats on the NEC no later than three months after the Party Leader's re-election, the NEC members remaining in office until their successors are elected.

7.24 In the event of an NEC election with more than five vacancies, successful candidates other than the top five shall be elected for terms of two years or one year to preserve the three-year electoral cycle, but these terms of office may be extended to not more than 3 years should further NEC vacancies occur.

7.25 The NEC may authorise the establishment of other groups of members or groups of constituency associations in furtherance of the aims of the Party. These groups shall have responsibility for administering their own financial and other affairs in accordance with the procedures set down in the rules for the said groups.

7 places

37 candidates for
29 male
8 female

Here is a roundup of the candidates - there is a desperate sound of barrel bottom scraping - I have stated my opinions based on what I believe to be the facts - you must make up your own mind if you have a vote whether you will tolerate the continuation of corruption, exploitation and outright dishonesty by the self serving and self enriching leadership - now is you chance to see if you can pick out 7 candidates you would trust and believe have the skills to run a whelk stall.

Allison, Stephen 
Burton,  Elizabeth
Harrison, John
Hookem, Mike 
McGough, Mike
Seymour, Jill
As it has been made very clear by Godfrey Bloom trying to rig the list that these are Farage's choices to continue the corruption in his fiefdom. We do not believe that Godfrey Bloom has the intelligence to pull a stunt like this without instruction as he is rarely sober long enough between his whoring and drunken speeches to the EU pretend Parliament. For more details see CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE

Where I have insufficient independent data I have used data from others who have proved consistently trustworthy or debate, usually using blue for the comment and attributing where possible.

Do note a section on the dishonesty of Douglas Denny and his lies, relative to UKIP fixing elections, as determined with clear facts by Barboo (Barbara Booker) CLICK HERE
Some may remember that Douglas Denny was thrown out as Returning Officer in the leadership election for corruption, dishonesty and seeking to corrupt the results - voted out by The NEC and Geoffrey Kingscott replaced him though he was little better.
You may also recal how Christopher Gill and others corrupted the MEP selection lists CLICK HERE

Not wishing to be pedantic but how is Ralph Atkinson standing as a candidate whilst he is suspended from standing in elections? 

It does rather make a nonsense of any belief that UKIP might in some strange fashion be an acceptable consideration in a position of political responsibility in these United Kingdoms when I understand that Nikki Sinclaire put her name forward as an NEC Candidate but was barred - presumably unlawfully - because she was suspended from standing in elections by UKIP ALSO unlawfully - after bullying, dishonesty and that vile creature Mark Croucher scavenging the gutters he inhabits, for Nigel Farage, looking for ways to blackmail or otherwise force her out of office and then the pack of lies from the corrupt, weak and useless titular leader Lord Pearson!

One might be excused for believing these dishonest amateurs that run UKIP are doing so ONLY for personal gain as surely they can not expect to be taken seriously!

Do scrape the barrel for your choice - 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' may be the only honest answer an honest man or woman could give!

Returning Officer: Michael Zucherman
Has taken no action to control corruption he has been advised of in previous corrupt UKIP elections - A safe pair of hands for Nigel Farage - Happy to rip off UKIP when he gets a chance - Can not tell the difference between Civil & Criminal Law - Quoted £10K to form a Limited Company for UKIP! A 10 minute job on line costing £2>400!
His management style as Party Secretary is at times to be the loudest mouth with the greatest profanities.
A Zionist, as is the party leader, who founded 'Friends of Israel' for which no accounts have been forthcoming despite bringing UKIP into disrepute.

Count: Newton Abbott
UKIP NEC Ballot 2010, PO Box 452, Newton Abbot, TQ12 9BG
Date: Thursday 26-Aug-2010 commencing 10:00hrs.

Dr. Eric EDMOND a former independently elected NEC member - engineered out when Nigel Farage invited Buster MOTRAM to make a presentation in favour of UKIP/BNP co-operation and also set up Martin HASSLAM as too well informed of the 'accounts' of NF & UKIP. Dr. David ABBOTT was similarly treated by NF & Mark CROUCHER which helped raise the profile of The BNP to help them get 2 BNP MEPs elected!

Dr. EDMOND has given the following helpfull advice:
How does one choose between these people most of whom one has never met? I can only count 5 I have met.

If you wish to break the power of  the Farage Cabal and restore democracy , honesty and decency to UKIP and elect candidates who will represent the ordinary honest decent UKIP members then look at who proposed, seconded and assented these candidates and do not vote for anyone with more than one of the following amongst their supporters:

Any UKIP MEP - they are all Farage approved.

Anyone currently  on the NEC - they are largely Cabal members.

Anyone who has previously served on the NEC - they will have been supportive of the Cabal.

Anyone who is or has  been on the UKIP or EU payroll
You can find a list from his blog of his opinions of the runners & riders in the election at the end of this blog.

ALLISON, Stephen - NEC - UKIP - 26-Aug-2010
2275 Votes Allocated


881 Votes Cast
You may find Ralph's web site more informative CLICK HERE
Clearly he is able to promote himself but I'm not entirely sure he makes executive material but such an attribute would put him head and shoulders above the rest of the NEC members!
Can it be seen as a virtue to have been a Political Advisor in The EU Parliament from 2006-9 - I presume from the CV that he lost his job at The EU elections and has been largely unemployed since!

Not wishing to be pedantic but how is Ralph Atkinson standing as a candidate whilst he is suspended from standing in elections?

Formerly on the UKIP payroll. Hates Farage with a passion after losing his job with UKIP.
Also hates Gerard Batten with an equal passion.
Farage - who controls ALL UKIP staff appointments - made the decision not to renew Ralph’s contract.
Mr Atkinson has not been in Nigel’s good books for a VERY long time.
After the MEP selection process he was threatened with removal from the list - as was Batten - after the pair became embroiled in a row over allegations of dirty tricks during the London MEP selection process.
Here is an interesting email which casts some light on the matter:
Paul Nuttall
UKIP Party Chairman
9th April 2009
Dear Paul Nuttall
As discussed, I have now seen the email that Ralph Atkinson claims to have received from Head Office, supplying him with an electronic version of the London database. Although I accept that it might be difficult to prove absolutely, I have no hesitation in stating that in my opinion (and also in the opinion of our Database Manager, Andrew Fear’s) this email is a forgery and did not come from anyone here in Head Office.
Firstly…………Had I sent such an email (which I did not) I would have begun it “Dear Ralph”, and not signed it off as: “David Challice, Office Manager etc… “ Ralph is well aware of who I am, and I would never have gone to the trouble of typing all that extra, just in an email.
Secondly………The general spacing of the email/letter is all wrong. On my own emails, I begin “Dear Bill Bloggs” and then hit return to drop down a line, as if writing a letter in long-hand.
Thirdly……….. As I have mentioned elsewhere, Andrew Fear is the only person at Head Office who ever sends out databases by email. On no occasion have I ever sent out a database electronically, so therefore it would not have been signed in my name, but in Andrew’s.
Fourthly……….When Andrew sends a database to the Regional Organisers, he always sends it in a “Winzipped” file for security reasons (also to compress it, making it easier to send). In Ralph Atkinson’s false email, the database appears as an “open” file, not winzip, and therefore did not come originate from here.
Finally……….. The damning clincher for us is that Ralph Atkinson has actually included in his forged email that we at Head Office had agreed to separate Members and Supporters from the other records contained on the London list. When Head Office sends it out, the database includes all categories including ex-members and enquirers. We do not split databases into just Members and Supporters, and had Ralph Atkinson requested it we would have refused, telling him to undertake the task himself, even had he received official clearance beforehand.
For the above reasons Head Office believes this email to be a forgery and that therefore Ralph Atkinson has deliberately tried to implicate Head Office in his own activities. For a possible MEP candidate to have behaved in such a manner bodes ill for the future and is worrying at best. Others may put it more strongly.
Yours sincerely
David Challice

The row became so bad that it almost resulted in the collapse of UKIP London as both Batten and Atkinson sought to gain allies in the various branches across the city.

BLACK, David

1,077 Votes 

Your mission statement states UKIP must not be seen as a Dad's Army - how do you square that circle with 3 score years and ten PLUS two? Sorry TOO is not good for the party image.
I was born in 1946 and this planet's biggest single problem over which we do have control is that the population has risen in that time from just under 2 Billion to almost 7 Billion - how do you square that circle with 27 immediate descendants?

BOURS, Louise

1,248 Votes Allocated

I'm sorry Ms. Bours one look at your list of assentors   and in political terms if they genuinely want you on the NEC - if UKIP is ever to have a hope I genuinely don't - you seem to have made every effort to choose as assentors the very real problem UKIP indubitably has with the likes of Duffy & Denny and Dartmouth - one could also ask what happened to the 85% + of cash collected via Ashford call center that never reached the Party which Denny & Bown have NEVER been able to explain. Dartmouth is as much use as a soup sandwich ( a multi millionaire hereditary peer whose wife recently sold a flat for over 10 million - check his contributions to UKIP!!! Other than of course childish temper tantrums of a spoilt brat!!!) and either a dedicated racist, homophobe and anti Jewish or a crook as he has not said one public word against being partners with Farage and his team in the EU.
Then we have the utterly untrustworthy and serially dishonest Monckton who endlessly lies to pass himself off as a member of The House of Lords a Nobel Prize Winner and scientist who advised Margaret Thatcher, which he did not.
Gillian Seymour - nice lass but complete airhead who on previous stints on the NEC has colluded quite happily with its corruption.
I'm sure you are terribly nice but you are either utterly without judgement or an idiot or??
I loved your mission statement - quit now because if you mean it and it isn't just naff meeeja speak the slime on the NEC will excorriate you!
Aged 41. Farage sycophant. Look at her assentors! They include Lisa Duffy, Jonathan Arnott, Alan Bown, Jill Seymour, Douglas Denny, Monckton and Dartmouth!

Why would ANYONE want Monckton as an assentor? The man is a serial liar. Just ask the Queen! See: LINK

Avoid Ms Bours like the plague! To view the original of this comment CLICK HERE

BURTON, Elizabeth - NEC - UKIP 26-Aug-2010

1,548 Votes Allocated


392 Votes Cast
His statement seems a bit naive when it comes to the leadership and the widespread corruption within UKIP. Means well but cannot be counted on to stand up to Farage or his sycophants. Has a good selection of assentors.
If he thinks UKIP's leaders have done the party proud he must be overly sychophantic OR really rather dim!


1,452 Votes Allocated

One look at the assentors and if they want this chap who has recently joined the party on its National Executive then you have to wonder why! If the overtly racist, anti Jewish, pro EU membership MEPs want this man on board such that he has the signature of cheats and charlatans, liars and in fact MEPs you would not trust to run a telephone shop without spot checking at least half of them daily.
Aged 51. Farage sycophant. Farage wants him on the NEC. Assentors include Farage, Bannerman, Oxley, Monckton & Dartmouth. Shifty. Avoid this one like the plague!
To view the original of this comment CLICK HERE

CURTIS, George - NEC - UKIP - 26-Aug-2010

1,849 Votes Allocated
- Totally Untrustworthy - has been on the NEC and is just a cypher! Lacks political nouse or integrity, a liar & a coward.
A sychophant and elderly. Just the sort of dishonest little man who will fit in on the NEC & they want him back because he turned a blind eye to the corruption when on there before, do note his assentors!

DALY, Paula

1,051 Votes Allocated

I find this poor lady's staggering lack of knowledge of UKIP befits the very short term in the party.

I can only assume her knowledge of the party has all the validity of many 'alternative therapies' - that as a couloured woman she reasons that this might help her in UKIP is touching - with 'alternative therapy' is this yet another 'alternative logic'?

Has this poor woman not realised that the endless promotion of The BNP by Nigel Farage & the serial liar Mark Croucher...........

For a great deal more detail, facts and opinions on Paula DALY CLICK HERE

DODMAN, Charles

355 Votes Cast


749 Votes Cast

Has as you can see, stood before and didn't make it so clearly one of the better candidates because clearly the pond life on the NEC do not want him on board - would have been better last time but of the dismal selection on offer must be seen as one of the better bets but age wise a bit of a last chance to join Dad's Army!
Seems genuinely concerned with the lack of direction in UKIP. Is really interested in the views of the ordinary members. Worthy of a vote. Clearly stands no chance and would be schtimied if he was elected, as will any decent individual - as has been shown repeatedly in the past.


500 Votes Cast
I know nothing of this man SO FAR ;-)
However may I commend to him a quote from Tacitus: 'The more corrupt the republic, the more numerous the laws'.

'The houses of lawyers are roofed with the skins of litigants'.  A Welsh Proverb
'The greater the number of laws and enactments, the more thieves and robbers there will be'.  from Lao-tzu
or more prosaically
'Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught'.  attributed to Honoré de Balzac
 or finally:
'As one reads history, not in the expurgated editions written for schoolboys and passmen, but in the original authorities of each time, one is absolutely sickened, not by the crimes that the wicked have committed, but by the punishments that the good have inflicted; and a community is infinitely more brutalised by the habitual employment of punishment than it is by the occasional occurrence of crime'.  from Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man Under Socialism

EVANS, Derek

421 Votes Cast
Mike Nattrass seemingly likes him! But Mike will be little help to him as he has Miked off to Portugal some time back and is likely to stay there or at least out of circulation until the MEPs remount the gravy train in the fall!
Largely unknown to the majority of UKIP members and I must say I've not noted him - Probably OK but more than a tad old.


1,317 Votes Cast

"If you, or indeed any members, are interested in my views on the party you are welcome to email me or read my discussion document "UKIP 2015" of which I distributed, at my own cost, several hundred at the Spring Conference and more online."

We note he conveniently overlooks providing his 'e'Mail address and any Google search does not seem to provide "UKIP 2015" or other material of consequence relative to Ray Finch's political wisdoms or polemics!

Ray does himself huge harm by being seen as acceptable to Nigel Farage and Marta Andreasen - both of whom have used and abused UKIP for personal gain and bear in mind the Andreason is both a foreign national and a foreign resident with, despite her recent novel, a track record of outright dishonesty CLICK HERE or HERE
 We note Ray proudly boasts that 3 of his signators are also UKIP payroll - this can hardly be seen as adding to his credibility.
Aged 47. Claims to be a reformist candidate. Seconded by Farage. Andreasen is an assentor.

We have our doubts but we have been assured that he will not become a “Farage nodding donkey”. He also promises to fight corruption in the Party.

So why is Farage happy to second a man who has promised to fight corruption? This is clearly going to set the two on a collision course. Turkeys don’t usually vote for Christmas!

Or perhaps Farage has just ceased to care following his plane crash?

Has been involved a public spat with Douglas ‘Heinrich Himmler’ Denny over the role of the NEC.

Certain members of UKIP’s leadership are far from happy with this public debate between the two!
A cautious vote of support from Junius.

See: LINK for Douglas Denny V Ray Finch. To view the original of this comment
For more factual data on Douglas Denny: CLICK HERE

GARNER, Kathleen

924 Votes Cast
Someone who UKIP should have made use of many years ago as she has been at the heart of the Thatcherite territory and clearly has some sound ideas - not least of which was to avoid being tarred with the obvious brush of corruption in her choice of assentors.

I FEAR looking at the track record that she has made her great putch for a position of leadership a little late in life and may be unable to fight her corner with the vigour that will be required if she is to be of value - she shows her CV to be one of a very reliable super numary. However that would be a huge improvement on some of the filth on the NEC and some with ambitions to use it to step up to a chance of MEP.

I wish Miss Garner good luck but question her wisdom in diving into this septic tank head first as I do not believe she understands it depth!


847 Votes Allocated
Expected to be corrupt and self serving by the 'cabal' as he has been proposed by Godfrey Bloom see above and also CLICK HERE
Aged 69. Has Godfrey Bloom has his proposer!

Bloom is one of the most corrupt MEPs in UKIP!

A few Bloom facts:

Bloom has admitted visiting brothels in Hong Kong, and said that the majority of prostitutes were not exploited: “In short, most girls do it because they want to". Perhaps he would like to tell that to the women forced into prostitution by criminal gangs

After a visit from female students at Cambridge to Bloom in the European Parliament, he was accused of sexual harassment and making a torrent of misogynist remarks. The students, who had in fact been there to show SUPPORT for Bloom, were shocked by his behaviour. One student wrote that Bloom touched her leg, and that:

“Mr Bloom asked a colleague ‘Isn’t she the most delicious bimbette? Absolutely thick, but good tits’. Of the businesswoman who he had invited to share the platform at the next day’s press conference, Mr Bloom had only four words: ‘big tits, very feisty’.”

Bloom denied the touching but not the comments.

The three British MEPs with the worst attendance record are David Bannerman, Paul Nuttall and Godfrey Bloom, each averaging under 63 per cent.

Bloom exploited a loophole to pay a relative to work for him.

He states on his website that he “employs no immediate members of his family on his secretarial allowance unlike most other MEPs”. However Victoria Skowronek, his 21-year-old secretarial assistant, is his niece.

Miss Skowronek also works for an investment company in which Bloom is a major shareholder.

Bloom applauded the French bombing of a Greenpeace ship. One man died in the attack.

Bloom secretly claimed a second EU pension. Another so-called 'Euro-sceptic' who is quite happy to reap the rewards of being a Euro MEP!

Bloom was banned from the Mansion House after a drunken outburst.

For more on Bloom: LINK

It is simply not good enough for one of his colleagues to say:

“But John was not aware of these things”.

We would advise Mr Williams to do a bit of research on Bloom - via the internet - before asking him to sign your papers in the future. It could save you a lot of embarrassment! 

To view the original of this comment CLICK HERE


1,198 Votes Allocated

Disadvantaged by being from Scotland which UKIP has treated as some sort of strange foreign country in its self indulgent Southern Thatcherism, Tory Boy, Zionist racism.

With no notable candidates in Scotland a bit self important but UKIP has a problem in Scotland as the prevelence of self pity is rife and dependency on 'subsiiideees' is a way of life with a main plank of politics in Scotland being a desire to oppose Westminster even if it means vassal status with 'A wee pretendy Parliament' to hand out bribes from their new masters of the Universe The EU.

I follow Scottish politics and issues with some interest as Wester Ross was for many years my home and my involvement in exposing Dunblane, The Magic Circle, The Speculative Society of Edinburgh and Lockerbie are on record as is my exposing of the Hollie Greig scam that is ongoing.
Aged 60. Refuses to listen to any UKIPPER who has the audacity to point out that the leadership is far from honest. Can get quite nasty if they persist. We have seen the emails! A wasted vote. To view the original of this comment CLICK HERE


634 Votes Allocated
Expected to be corrupt and self serving by the 'cabal' as he has been proposed by Godfrey Bloom see above and also CLICK HERE

JONES, Hilary

863 Votes Allocated

"I come not to bury UKIP but to praise it"?
Aged 53. The Arnott clan , Oxley and Whittaker all back her. Can be counted on to follow the leader. Has been pretty quiet when it comes to speaking out against corruption within UKIP.

You will find that Hilary Jones has a certain Lynda Williams as an assentor. Lynda Williams works under the name Lynda Roughley and is, or certainly was, Paul 'Benito' Nuttall's press officer. She was also John Whittaker's press officer. One of the odious Nuttall's pledges was to make her full time if elected. On his website he still only has a part-time press officer listed under the 'transparency' section.

Ms Jones is a wasted vote. To view the original of this comment CLICK HERE


559 Votes Cast

MACEY, David - 26-Aug-2010

751 Votes Cast
I believe that David Macey has a political future but judging by his apparent integrity and obvious good manners I do question if it is with UKIP as the corrupt claque that OWN UKIP clearly fear honesty, integrity and intelligence - one glance around the NEC & Leadership makes that abundantly clear as there is not a single solitary individual in UKIP's leadership who could lay claim to intelligence, education and honesty - I there for fear for Macey in the terms of the ides of March!

Of all of the, at least 1/3 of the candidates who contacted me seeking to influence my comments during this selection for the cabal David Macey tells me he did NOT contact me as he felt it would be 'ultra vires' to the election rules.

However David Macey did (probably with some trepidation) do the honest thing with integrity and wrote to me the day after the announcement of results (two others have phoned me to thank me and a third thanked me throug a mutual friend).

Here is David's letter and having looked him up on my data base I eMailed him rather than phone him and have obtained his authority to publish his letter to me.

Firstly, thanks for a most interesting and informative site.
While I appreciate your candour on all UKIP related subjects, I would like to point out that not all recent NEC candidates were corrupt or corruptible and certainly hope that nothing I have ever done would lead anyone to believe that!
Perhaps if I had been on Godfrey's list or shot my mouth off in the past I could have done better but I stood for what I believe in.
All I want is a better future for my daughter and the millions in her generation. A future where they can democratically elect the law makers and tax collectors. A future where the voter is represented and where opinion matters. A future where the needs of the country are a priority.
I am not a nodding dog nor am I any mans puppet. I am a protective father.
I stood because I believed a seat on the NEC would have enabled me to push my ideals forward. I wanted to change the image UKIP has and make us truly electable. On this occasion I came up short.
I polled 751 votes and I am very proud of that. Next time I will do better because I believe I represent the majority of right minded UKIP supporters. Perhaps by next time I could have even won your support?
Kindest regards,
David Macey.
Thank-you David, your courage in such a public statement is much appreciated - clearly the calliber that UKIP needs but which its leadership will do all it can to keep out. Favouring the liars, cheats and scum that have currently risen to the top like McTrough, Denny, Bannerman and their ilk.

Indeed I thought you idea, in view of your qualifications, to commence a Blog dealing with the legal aspects of Corpus Juris and the corrupt and malign EU would be of great help and as long as it is honest, strives to be accurate and informative I would be only too happy to link to the site and give any help I can to exposing the vile nature of Corpus Juris and EU law.

Again I thank you for your letter it is pleasant to locate another aspirant UKIPper who acts with some integrity and honourably but 'cave'.

MacKAY, Donald

789 Votes

MASON, Marion

958 Votes Allocated

 - Quit The Tories as a Councillor when turned down as a PPC & was promised a place on the list - but not realising how corrupt UKIP selections are stood no chance.
When a lady considers she should send a fake photo it is surely an example of dishonesty - You will recall an elected candidate (Janet Girsman) was thrown off the NEC for just this offence some years ago.

This was several years ago! Would the real Mrs. Mason please send a picture!
Aged 62. Likes to use publicity photos that are clearly not recent! You will recall that an elected candidate was thrown off the NEC for just this offence some years ago. How about a photo of how you look NOW?

Left the Tories after failing to be selected as a Tory PPC in a safe constituency. Came over to UKIP after being promised a place on the MEP list. Sadly, the leadership neglected to tell Marion that she would be last on the list!

Boasts that she was once leader of the Conservative Group on Stevenage council. Sounds impressive until you discover that there were only three Tory councillors on there at the time. The other 36 councillors were all Labour and Lib Dem!

Is not willing to speak out against corruption in UKIP. Turns a blind eye. One UKIPPER in the East has described her as being “like an ostrich with her head in the sand”.

A wasted vote. To view the original of this comment CLICK HERE

McGOUGH, Michael - NEC - UKIP - 26-Aug-2010 (as Scheduled!)

TO Those Who Know Him Mick McTROUGH

1604 Votes Allocated

For more details & Factual information of this odious liar who willingly set out to cheat UKIP members for personal gain at their expense CLICK HERE

694 Votes Cast
Tony are you Ian's brother?

If so he is recommendation enough - it was sad you felt the need to get the signature of a bent copper and UKIP freeloader Trevor Coleman who has let all but himself down having promised to join UKFirst Party, aided the criminal Tom Wise in trying to evade Justice and accepted membership of the Racist, pro EU membership, anti Jewish EFD Group

McKENZIE, Winston

857 Votes Allocated

 - Has cropped up as 'an also ran' at numerous UKIP elections - has stood for Veritas and had his own party having been turned down by Political Parties in the past. Would perhaps feature as tokenism in the racist environs of UKIP's EFD Partners and for more info. on this one time boxer and publican (I gather their pub went VERY bust) CLICK HERE 
McKenzie has helped himself hugely by avoiding the signatures of the corrupt present leadership and their goffers.

Aged 53. Former boxer.

Says “the rise and rise of UKIP is inevitable”.

Not under the present leadership, Winston!

McKenzie has previously been a member of Labour, the Tories and Veritas.

He also ran as an independent (but under the self-proclaimed title 'Black Voice for Great Britain') in the Brent East by-election in 2003, finishing seventh, with less than 1% of the vote.

Has ambitions to lead UKIP. An ambition that we doubt he will achieve.

Is not very impressed with some of UKIP’s allies in the EFD Group.

Some would say that he is a featherweight candidate. Excuse the pun!
To view the original of this comment CLICK HERE


653 Votes Cast

- Indecisive but willing to tollerate corruption about which he knows, has resigned in disgust in the past but returned when his absence was not noted! - excellent computer skills - lives in Switzerland - Good knowledge of UKIP history & STILL back in the party!!
See Robs web site at;

To view a great deal more about Rob CLICK HERE


1,326 Votes Allocated

 - No doubt he can sing to The NEC as I gather at least he has the one skill - beyond private income, endless half baked ideas never carried through and being duplicitous - sad lack of ethics or political nouse - aware of corruption and dishonesty but unwilling to act other than fomenting problems with gossip phone calls!!
You may find this site of interest CLICK HERE
OR perhaps this article CLICK HERE

But for masses more on this elderly and duplicitous  chappie CLICK HERE


807 Votes Allocated
I do not believe ANYONE would be well advised to vote for this man as he has three of the most corrupt and low life signators possible in UKIP - clearly he has been aware of the massive corruption in the party (If not he is too stupid to elect!) yet he befouls his own selection by having the liar and cheat David Bannerman, currently under investigation for corruption and fraud as his proposer and follows up with Reeve & Duffy - this man is either a fool or an unutterably corrupt self seeker.
Aged 47. Bannerman’s placeman. Indeed, Bannerman was his proposer. Can be counted on to do his master’s bidding. Has already upset many UKIPPERS in the Eastern Region due to his willingness to turn a blind eye to corruption. About as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Is interested in becoming an MEP. Is that why you want to get on the NEC? A guaranteed NEC nodding donkey/Farage sycophant.

Supported by Peter Reeve and Lisa Duffy. Need we say more?  To view the original of this comment CLICK HERE

PAIN, Christopher

1,261 Votes Allowed

Next in line to replace Derek Clark if he goes to prison, dies or his senility becomes untenable, no doubt working with others in the E.Mids. to bring on his downfall now that Clark & Ransome have virtually destroyed the membership base which is now well under 1,000 (at 820!)

To view a great deal more details, data and facts about Chris PAIN CLICK HERE

POVEY, Steve

822 Votes

 - One of the better candidates - I believe he is still a town & district councillor in his region - runs his own specialist business as a biscuit baker (oatcakes as I recall).
Steve Povey portrays himself well but why have we not seen him standing out against the corruption in the party of which he is well aware? I do note that in the main his signators would seem to have clean hands! As long as we overlook Peter Reeve who is undeniably corrupt, self seeking and a liar - currently embroilled in an OLAF Enquiry relative to fraud and theft of public money by Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman as conclusively displayed by The Sunday Times and on video.
One has to wonder at Stev's judgement being associated with such people!

REID, Julia - NEC - 26-Aug-2010

1491 Votes Cast


1,191 Votes Allocated + Wales

- there are 2 in Wales - neither is remotely suitable for any political office as the one is too old!
May I assure anyone contemplating a visit to Monmouthshire or Wales that not all the car salesmen are cloned from Robert Kilroy-Silk and David's wife assures me he really isn't orange. I'm glad to see Hugh Moelwyn Hughes is still taking an active part as I had thought he might depart on the same grounds as John Pratt the Wales Chairman or Marcus Stead or Richard Suchorzewski or Niall Warry who all summed up the state of the party and were all on the regional committee with 3 of them as Chairman Wales! - one wonders why the silence, as an example of leadership, from Rowlands under the circumstances - unless it was self serving as he is a dedicated fan of Nigel Farage!

SEYMOUR, Gillian - NEC - 26-Aug-2010

1,696 Votes Allocated


 Not wishing to be pedantic but how is Ralph Atkinson standing as a candidate whilst he is suspended from standing in elections? 

It does rather make a nonsense of any belief that UKIP might in some strange fashion be an acceptable consideration in a position of political responsibility in these United Kingdoms when I understand that Nikki Sinclaire put her name forward as an NEC Candidate but was barred - presumably unlawfully - because she was suspended from standing in elections by UKIP ALSO unlawfully - after bullying, dishonesty and that vile creature Mark Croucher scavenging the gutters he inhabits, for Nigel Farage, looking for ways to blackmail or otherwise force her out of office and then the pack of lies from the corrupt, weak and useless titular leader Lord Pearson!
For masses more factual data about Nikki Sinclaire who has held most offices in UKIP during her 16 years fighting for the cause of leaving The EU as a principled supporter of UKIP who refused to become embroilled in Nigel Farage's various corruptions and finally refused to share Nigel Farage's enthusiasm for Racism, anti Judaism, reform of the EU and supporting Holocausty deniers and campaigners FOR The Lisbon Treaty and refused to sit as one of the corrupt UKIP MEPs with The EFD in the EU pretend parliament.

For more on Nikki Sinclaire CLICK HERE


832 Votes Allocated
Clearly unelectable - Monckton, Denny, Dartmouth, Duffy, Arnott - says it all - the CV looks very febrile, not an example given - Statement woolly, sorry there is 'something' wrong with this candidate but I can not put my finger on it.
Aged 45. Forget him. Another potential NEC nodding donkey!
Is supported by some of most corrupt elements in UKIP. His assentors include, Douglas Denny, Lisa Duffy, Monckton and Jonathan Arnott. You are judged by the company you keep. And that lot stink! To view the original of this comment CLICK HERE

You may also be interested to know that Mr Slaughter has some very dodgy views on immigration, or rather immigrants. Let's just say that he'd be very at home with the EDF's fascist Lega Nord!

He also has problems with basic reality. In 2006, when called for a candidate approval interview, he told one person that he would be in the USA selling computer systems to the State Department. He then told his branch that he would be crewing for a friend who was sailing across the Atlantic!

He refused to attend for interview and left a foul mouthed message about UKIP on the North West chairman's answerphone. It was not complementary!

We would advise UKIPPERS to take a look at some of Mr Slaughter’s companies. They are not all they seem.

Even by UKIP standards he is one of the more bizarre characters in the sordid world of Farage.

We note that Godfrey Bloom has been advising members on how they should vote in the NEC elections. More on that later.
To view the original of this comment CLICK HERE

SWAIN, Marilyn

687 Votes Cast

- Would have been an excellent asset to UKIP but 10 or more years ago.
I have known Marylin for years and although a super lady, to her finger tips, I regret ANY lady who feels she is noticeably too old for the job and seeks the shelter of O.A.P., Elder Citizen or 'Retired' has just made it abundantly clear they see themselves as too old, sadly as when Marilyn had so much to offer and the commensurate energy UKIP failed to avail themselves of her contacts and talents - it is now too late.
If elected I would expect her to have no truck with the childish behaviour so frequently manifest by the intellectual and political pygmies currently on the NEC and leadership. Sadly though she may not tollerate their abuse and foul language she may well find herself isolated as although there are 7 seats up for election at least 5 will be placemen so at best 2 or 3 honest people MIGHT get elected but they would not last.
I would expect to be publishing Marilyn's letter of disgust in fairly short order as having nothing to prove to the squirts on the NEC she does not suffer fools - One must ask why she would wish to be associated with such people!

WILLIAMS, Hugh - NEC - UKIP - 26-Aug-2010

1748 Votes allocated - 26-Aug-2010

Thrown out of his own UKIP Branch as chairman for corruption!

 SOME ENTRIES are considerably longer 
as I know more facts about these individuals 
to which I can legitimately attest.

Dr. Eric EDMOND a former independently elected NEC member - engineered out when Nigel Farage invited Buster MOTRAM to make a presentation in favour of UKIP/BNP co-operation and also set up Martin HASSLAM as too well informed of the 'accounts' of NF & UKIP. Dr. David ABBOTT was similarly treated by NF & Mark CROUCHER which helped raise the profile of The BNP to help get 2 BNP MEPs elected!

Dr. EDMOND has given the following helpfull advice:
I annotate each candidate below and strike out those who fail the more than one independence rule.

Stephen Allison   5 MEPs plus 2 NEC members!
Ralph Atkinson   Been on UKIP and EU payroll
David Black
Louise Boors      3 NEC, UKIP/EU payroll & Monckton!
Elizabeth Burton  3 NEC, 2 UKIP/EU, MEP
Nigel Carter
David Coburn     4 MEP including Farage, NEC and Monckton!
George Curtis      3 NEC, 3MEP & Pearson
Paula Daly          3 MEP
Charles Dodman
Terry Durrance
David Duxbury
Derek Evans         1 MEP
Ray Finch           2 MEP including Farage 3 UKIP
Kathleen Garner
John Harrison     2 MEP 1 UKIP
Paul Henke
Mike Hookem
Hilary Jones      1 MEP 2 UKIP 1 NEC
Jim MacArthur
David Macey
Donald Mackay
Marion Mason   1 MEP
Michael McGough  6 MEP, 1 NEC, 1UKIP proposed by Farage
Tony McIntyre 1MEP
Winston McKenzie
Robert McWhirter 1 NEC
Toby Mickelthwait 1 MEP, 2 NEC, 2 UKIP
Jamie Moyies 1 MEP 1 NEC, 2 UKIP
Christopher Pain  5 MEP, 2 NEC
Steve Povey 1 NEC
Julia Reid 1 MEP
David Rowlands
Gillian Seymour  3 MEP 3 NEC
Lee Slaughter     2 MEP, 3 NEC, 1 UKIP & Monckton
Marilyn Swain   Pearson
Hugh Williams 2 MEP Pearson

Its clearly a slate packed with Farage supporters.


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