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Friday, 27 August 2010

#Doc042* - CURTIS, George - NEC - UKIP - 26-Aug-2010

#Doc042* - CURTIS, George - NEC - UKIP - 26-Aug-2010

CURTIS, George

- Totally Untrustworthy - has been on the NEC and is just a cypher! Lacks political nouse or integrity, a liar & a coward.
A sychophant and elderly. Just the sort of dishonest little man who will fit in on the NEC & they want him back because he turned a blind eye to the corruption when on there before, do note his assentors!

To QUOTE JUNIUS: at least two of whom have been on committees and or meetings with him over the years:
Aged 73. One of the most corrupt individuals ever to sit on UKIP’s NEC!
Heavily involved in the rigging of the MEP selection lists in the Eastern Region. Lacks any integrity. Starting to show signs of senility. Farage sycophant. Farage wants him back on the NEC.
His proposer and seconder are Christopher Gill and David Bannerman.
His assentors include Pearson, Agnew, Andreasen, Denny, McGough and Jill Seymour.
It is no wonder that these assorted crooks, liars, cowards and cheats back him!
I gather his hearing has been a problem of late despite a hearing aid! The problem others have is not his hearing but his speaking and his self serving dishonesty!

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