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Wednesday 25 August 2010

#Doc036* - MICKELTHWAITE, Toby 01 -

#Doc036* - MICKELTHWAITE, Toby 01 -


 - No doubt he can sing to The NEC as I gather at least he has the one skill - beyond private income, endless half baked ideas never carried through and being duplicitous - sad lack of ethics or political nouse - aware of corruption and dishonesty but unwilling to act other than fomenting problems with gossip phone calls!!
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MUCH too old at 71 - he is a self styled dilettante much impressed with his own oh so transparent Machiavellian behaviour. A stated loathing for Nigel Farage yet has NEVER had the guts to act on his own telephone mutterings of dissent and attempts to further his own position by using others to start a rebellion!

Just look at his list of assentors for provenance this man is untrustworthy and duplicitous - imagine admitting you are associated with dishonest and corrupt pond life like Hugh Williams, John Moran and their ilk.
Aged 71. Pearson and Andreasen are his assentors. Thinks the Sun shines out of Marta’s bum.

Over the phone is very vocal in his condemnation of Farage. Declares that UKIP “needs a bath” to clean it up. So how about flushing Farage and the odious Nuttall down the plug hole?

Sadly, he is less vocal when it comes to speaking out publically against Farage’s mismanagement of the Party. What is he afraid of?

Toby would like Marta to become UKIP leader!

What planet is he living on?

Andreasen is a liar, a fraud and has no interest in British independence from the EU.

Consider these facts:

Andreasen has NEVER been in favour of Britain leaving the EU. She is an EU reformist, nothing more.

In her book 'Brussels laid bare' she relates her experiences as the EU's chief accountant. This is a lie. She was never the chief accountant of the EU. There is no such post.

Her claim to have been dismissed from the Commission because she insisted on proper accounting is nonsense.

She was actually dismissed for failing he to produce a report - despite reminders - on how best to combat fraud in the EU.

She was sacked by the Commission after it was discovered that she had deceived them by not mentioning her suspension without pay from the OECD - the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

She was suspended from the OECD after allegations of racism were made against her.

She does not live in the UK.

She does not pay UK taxes.

She has absolutely no loyalty to Britain or her constituents in the South East. Her knowledge of the region is almost nil. For instance, she didn’t even know that Canterbury was in Kent!

UKIP has an ethnic Danish MEP, who was born in Argentina, currently holds Spanish citizenship and lives in Barcelona. She also employs a Dutch researcher in Brussels who doesn't visit the UK on her behalf.

She only expressed an interest in UKIP or it’s policies after three other parties - the Tories included - rejected her attempts to become one of their MEP candidates.

It should be remembered that Nigel Farage contemptuously ignored UKIP’s own selection rules so that Andreasen could become a UKIP candidate.

Lynnda Robson - Gerard Batten’s political assistant - made a formal complaint about this to both Christopher Gill and UKIP’s NEC.

In this complaint it was pointed out that Andreasen was ineligible to stand as a UKIP MEP candidate for the following reasons:

She was not a UK resident.
She was not a fully paid-up member of UKIP.
She could not get a CRB check.
Her proposer also proposed someone else.
She was not on the UK electoral Register and had no intention of mentioning that she was standing in two different regions.

Ms Robson’s complaint was rejected. She later took UKIP to court over this issue. UKIP’s leadership agreed to settle with her out of court.

One can only wonder why Mr Micklelthwaite wants Marta to run UKIP! A wasted vote.

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