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Tuesday, 17 November 2009



Richard Suchorzewski Resignation Letter

Dear Colleague,

It is with great sadness and after much consideration that I have today sent by eMail and Royal Mail to The Chairman of UKIP the following letter:

5 October 2006

Dear Chairman,

Please be so good as to accept, and post on, this my letter of resignation from The UK Independence Party.

It was a privilege to be elected Chairman of UKIP Wales and work to represent the members in restructuring and introducing an organisational structure for growth. I would like to thank, for their invaluable assistance, John Bufton as Regional Organiser and my hard working and supportive committee and members in Wales. I am pleased to have been able to help turn UKIP Wales around and put in place foundations for growth and success in the National Assembly Elections next May.

I was honoured to be elected by the membership to represent them on the NEC, where they believed I had specialist skills and experience to best represent their interests, to the benefit of UKIP and its primary cause.

When I stood for the leadership election I did so, on a ticket of Transparency, Integrity and Equality. These standards reflect my inner beliefs, as well as the moral, ethical and Christian principles upon which I have based my whole life. I knew there were significant problems with the Party, and also believed that the moral integrity of a number of people at the top left much to be desired.

It was my belief that should I be elected leader these problems could be resolved and the Party then could move forward together, on a firmer footing in probity and strength.

Nothing however prepared me for the scurrilous behaviour, defamatory comments and downright dishonesty of some of Nigel Farage’s & David Bannerman’s staff, supporters and members of the Press Office staff, in which they clearly colluded.

I was accused of having associations with the BNP – even when these scoundrels knew that my grandfather was murdered by the Nazis in a concentration camp and my Great Grandfather was discovered hanged by them from a lamp post near his home by my 14 year old Father. Further I am angry that UKIP’s leadership were happy to collude in this base and obscene slur, particularly in the light of the fact that I have been ‘courting’ a young woman from St Lucia for the last 2 years, she herself has been victimised by racial abuse.

I was accused of being a homosexual, despite no evidence of this, and my having been happily married for 14 years, a marriage which sadly ended in an amicable divorce and now subsequently I am courting the above mentioned lady.

I was accused of having ‘run up’ a company debt of £4millions in one of my businesses when these accusers knew that I had purchased the company with secured debts, that it had already accrued, amounting to £4millions of losses. My business is in the field of mergers and acquisitions, specialising in the purchase, development and sale of problematic companies. My critics in this area are either commercial illiterates or unarguably dishonest either of which reflects ill on the competence of the new leadership.

My local newspaper was contacted by an UKIP official and advised to look into some of these accusations – in order to attempt to taint my unblemished reputation.

Even friends within my own local Conservative Party have informed me that they were asked for ‘any dirt’ they had on me including my political, personal and business affairs.

This list shamefully goes on.

Despite all of this I was willing to forgive and forget. I called for Party unity behind the new leader Nigel Farage, regardless of how he had gained his new position. I hoped this would in some way result in a change of attitude.

Clearly it did NOT. Farage colluded with, and thus endorsed the scurrilous behaviour. He was not prepared for his staff to apologise for the BNP allegations as he felt that the issue ‘would go away’ – and he tried to justify the concern on the basis that a fellow NEC member David Abbott volunteered his support of my leadership candidacy. (David Abbott is the very man whom Farage and his secretary Douglas Denny introduced and actively supported to the NEC and only turned against when he supported my candidacy.)

Farage also claimed concern in that a Mr Andrew Edwards supported my leadership bid on an internet blog that he runs. I am to be tainted by this, even though I have never posted on his site, spoken to, nor communicated with the said person, who I am advised is NOT a member of UKIP.

Farage has also claimed that a long term associate of his, Greg Lance-Watkins is a supporter and associate of the BNP, of which I have seen no evidence – yet this seems to besmirch my reputation, as G.L-W. openly supported my candidacy, having stated, based on extensive personal dealings with Nigel Farage that “he was a good performer for UKIP but lacked either the probity or competence to lead UKIP.”

This logic that UKIP’s new leader has adopted if seriously applied, must call into question his own credentials, bearing in mind both his long term association with G.L-W. and that the BNP actually refused to stand against Farage, and supported, his candidacy at the Bromley by-election. Does this make Nigel a BNP supporter?

Rather than be magnanimous in victory and help the Party unite, Nigel and his clique overturned a perfectly legitimate democratic vote at the NEC which had elected Geoffrey Kingscott (a most honourable man) as Party Secretary, denying the Party of another person with integrity at the top, and placing his supporter the discredited Douglas Denny in the post.

A witch hunt has now commenced, seemingly with the aim to disingenuously massage MEP lists, with the disciplinary hearing of Peter Baker for daring to make public his committee’s majority voted opposition to Roger Knapman’s morally questionable exploitation and involvement in a Polish Workers import business run by his son.

Similarly Dennis Brookes a loyal and devoted supporter and Regional Organiser of UKIP would seem to have been victimised, for having the temerity not to object to his committee’s support of my candidacy, and this apparently has contributed to losing him his job. I have no doubt from Nigel’s discussion with me, subsequent to the election, that others too will suffer similar fates.

On policy issues, Nigel has made statements already, that make it clear to me, we are to become a shadow alternative Tory Party. A pressure group created to persuade the Tories to dump Cameron and change its policy on the EU. I am sorry; I did not leave the real Tory party to join a poor imitation.

I believed UKIP was sincere in its endeavour to extricate Britain from the European Union, returning sovereignty to a British Parliament and playing a full independent part in that new Parliament.

On financial and transparency issues, I believe a cloud still overhangs the Ashford call centre and various aspects of UKIP accounts. Also the financial dealings and involvement in fraud, (as exposed by the media), of Tom Wise, one of UKIP’s MEP’s, have not adequately been resolved.

Likewise there has been a lack of transparency of others. I have contended that funding mechanisms are too heavily reliant on the EU, as this makes us subservient to the very body from which we wish to disassociate and which we openly accuse of corruption particularly in the area of accounting!.

I stood for leader knowing full well that it was a challenge I was unlikely to win. Farage had control of a number of advantages that if abused would guarantee him success. Knowing this, I was more than surprised that he allowed his cronies, supporters and certain staff to openly and reprehensibly lie and rubbish a loyal UKIP member, with elected duties, who devoted the last 2 years of his life, full time, unpaid, to help UKIP progress.

Even now in ‘victory’, Farage appears determined not to change his ways, and because of this I cannot support this Party under his leadership any longer.

Reluctantly I am left with no honourable action open to me other than leave, as I am not prepared to give my good name, reputation and integrity in support of Farage and many in his clique. I therefore stand alongside other Party devotees and former NEC members, Anthony Butcher, Gill Chant and others (not to mention the many activists who have already resigned).

My heart and my grateful thanks go out to all of those who supported me and the values in which we believed, and those who have committed so much of their lives in their patriotic pursuit of regaining democracy, British Independence and Sovereignty.

It does not give me any satisfaction to realise that the old saying “Fish Rots from the Head Down” may have more than a cursory resemblance to UKIP.

Please be so good as to convey to the membership my very best wishes and thanks for allowing me to serve them! At the moment I feel honour bound to continue the struggle for liberation from the EU and better Governance outside of UKIP, but would be happy to reconsider my position should there be notable changes within UKIP in the future under very different leadership.

Yours Sincerely,

Richard Suchorzewski UKIP Wales Chairman (resigned 5th Oct 2006) NEC Member (resigned 5th Oct 2006).

Saturday, 14 November 2009

#Doc007 - Crown vs. WISE & JENKINS - Evidence, Documents (some)

#Doc007 - Crown vs. WISE & JENKINS - Evidence, Documents (some)

Here are some of the documents pertaining to:
Any of the Documents
to view a larger version.
Tom WISE on the third day
of the Crown's case
changed his plea to guilty.
After consultation he accepted
responsibility for Lindsey JENKINS'
complicity in the case.
The case against Lindsey JENKINS
was therefore fortuitously dropped.
was sentenced to 2 Years in prison
a contribution of £30,000
towards Crown Costs.
I presume he funded his own
attempt at defence.
I was not entirely displease to receive this letter after the trial and conviction of Tom Wise but I am well aware of Michael Nattrass' publicly made claim that EUkip NEC would do nothing and his obscenity strewn comment when at the NEC he said 'How the F*** do you think we fund the party - we all do it'
I must admit I do not believe he was aware that Wise had used £6,000 of the money he had stolen to buy a Green Peugeot, nor paid a Wicks account from the stolen money and had paid off his credit cards with the money he had stolen.
Nigel Farage on the other hand did know having discussed it with Robin Collet, David Lott & Petrina Holdsworth. Subsequently Farage had arrangements made that Tom Wise would use about £5,000 of the money he had stolen to settle one of his own (FARAGE'S) personal debts. To the best of my knowledge Farage never paid back this stolen money he had wittingly derived the benefit of!
It will also be of interest that besides Michael Nattrass widely proclaiming Tom WISE had done nothing wrong and that they were all at it - I note some time later he started hedging his bets with comments like 'I believe a man is innocent until proven guilty' - that is legally no defence for colluding in the cover-up of a crime. A point that neither Trevor Colman nor Roger Knapman were prepared to abide by - it does seem Honesty in even the most basic form is a rare commodity in EUkip as Trevor Colman (Now an MEP seemingly in return) colluded in the crime by carrying out a corrupted enquiry and suppressing the investigation and his stated belief that both Tom Wise and Lindsay Jenkins were guilty of the crime.
Knapman & Colman colluded in Tom Wise's criminality by orchestrating a cover-up as did Robin Collet, Nigel Farage, David Lott and others. Petrina Holdsworth refused to collude in the cover-up and was forced by Mike Nattrass in collusion with Rioger Knapman to resign as Chairman of EUkip.
The efforts of Mark Croucher to smear Petrina Holdsworth with the claim that she had demanded a cut of the money for her silence failed miserably!
Here is the letter from Bedfordshire Constabulary:
I am aware that the utterly dishonest Peter REEVE has tried to claim he was involved in the reporting of the crime - this of course is patently untrue and can be established as a deliberate lie with even the briefest glance at the facts which show he was not even in EUkip in the region and would have known nothing of the matter at the time - I believe he was working in a supermarket some considerable distance away - but I doubt anyone would be surprised that he would lie to aggrandise himself.

You are welcome to link to this page.
IF you wish to copy the documents
you are requested to provide details of source 
and publish the whole page with the same conditions pertaining.
Thank You.
Contact Details

For more factual background CLICK HERE

Also this article is interesting as we are aware that Trevor Colman actively aided a cover-up of Tom Wise's criminality by prostituting his Queen's Commission as a Senior Police Officer Retired in an inquiry he dishonourably permitted his employers and others to stifle.

The article apeared in a pro UKIP leadership blog designed to defame smaear and lie about critics of the leadership of UKIP - this was their posting:

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Trevor Colman and foot in mouth disease

Much talk on Democracy Forum about TC and an alleged smear campaign against him claiming he made racist comments. Maybe, maybe not. It wouldn't be the first time in his short career as an MEP.

News reaches us that at his welcoming meeting in Strasbourg he was enjoying a chat with a fellow attendee, telling them how much he hated Farage, and how in his days as a copper they knew how to deal with troublesome journalists who took too much of an interest in such boring issues as police corruption - lock them in a cell with a couple of burly PCs, and then beat the crap out of them. Medecine to be repeated daily until cured. Other such indiscretions tumbled from his lips, leaving a bemused European Editor of a national daily, for such was his audience, wishing it had not been a private meeting because it would have made a lovely front page.

Not the first time such comments have been made by TC, however. Another source tells the Common Man that he thought this would have been an ideal way of dealing with Tom Wise, who he cleared, then smeared, then cleared again shortly before Wise's arrest.

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