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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

#Doc026M01* - MONCKTON - LEADERSHIP 4 UKIP Runners & Riders 2010

#Doc026M01* - MONCKTON - LEADERSHIP 4 UKIP Runners & Riders 2010

Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

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Christopher Walter Monckton
Viscount Monckton of Brenchley
In Washington, D.C., January 2010
Born 14 February 1952 (1952-02-14) (age 58)
Education MA in classics, 1974; diploma in journalism studies
Alma mater Churchill College, Cambridge
University College, Cardiff
Occupation Politician, journalist
Political party UK Independence Party
Religion Roman Catholicism
Spouse(s) Juliet Mary Anne Malherbe Jensen
Parents Major-General Gilbert Monckton and Marianna Letitia Bower
Relatives Rosa Monckton (sister), Timothy Monckton (brother)
Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (born 14 February 1952) is a British politician, journalist, and hereditary peer.
Formerly a member of the Conservative Party, Monckton has been the unelected deputy leader of the UK Independence Party since June 2010. He served in Conservative Central Office and worked for Margaret Thatcher's Number 10 Policy Unit during the 1980s. He also worked for The Universe, The Sunday Telegraph, Today and Evening Standard newspapers.
He became known in the 1990s for his invention of the Eternity puzzle, a mathematical puzzle for which he offered a prize of one million pounds to the person who could solve it within four years.
In recent years he has come to public attention in the UK and elsewhere for his outspoken scepticism about anthropogenic global warming.

Personal life

Monckton was born the eldest son of the late Major-General Gilbert Monckton, 2nd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley and Marianna Letitia (nee Bower), former High Sheriff of Kent and a Dame of Malta. He has a brother, Timothy, and a sister, Rosa, wife of journalist Dominic Lawson.

His father raised the family as Roman Catholics after converting at Cambridge.

Monckton was educated at Harrow School and Churchill College, Cambridge, where he received an MA in classics in 1974, and at University College, Cardiff, where he obtained a diploma in journalism studies.

In 1990, he married Juliet Mary Anne Malherbe Jensen.

In 2006, on the death of his father, he acceded to the title of viscount.

He is a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Broderers,
an Officer of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem,
a Knight of Honour and Devotion of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta,
and a member of the Roman Catholic Mass Media Commission.
He is also a qualified Day Skipper with the Royal Yachting Association, and has been a Trustee of the Hales Trophy for the Blue Riband of the Atlantic since 1986.



Monckton joined the Yorkshire Post in 1974 at the age of 22, where he worked as a reporter and leader-writer.

From 1977 to 1978, he worked at Conservative Central Office as a press officer, becoming the editor of the Roman Catholic newspaper The Universe in 1979, then managing editor of The Sunday Telegraph magazine in 1981. He joined the London Evening Standard newspaper as a leader-writer in 1982.

In 1979, Monckton met Alfred Sherman, who co-founded the pro-Conservative think tank the Centre for Policy Studies with Margaret Thatcher and Keith Joseph in 1974. Sherman asked Monckton to take the minutes at the CPS's study group meetings.
Monckton subsequently became the secretary for the centre's economic, forward strategy, health and employment study groups.
He wrote a paper on the privatisation of council housing by means of a rent-to-mortgages scheme that brought him to the attention of Downing Street.
Ferdinand Mount, the head of the Number 10 Policy Unit and a former CPS director, brought Monckton into the Policy Unit in 1982.
He was recruited as a domestic specialist with responsibilities for housing and parliamentary affairs, working alongside Mount and Peter Shipley on projects such as the phasing out of council housing.
He left the unit in 1986 to become assistant editor of the newly established, and now defunct, tabloid newspaper Today.
He was a consulting editor for the Evening Standard from 1987 to 1992 and was its chief leader-writer from 1990 to 1992.
In 1989 Monckton claimed damages for libel over the article "Rosa's bit of cheek" in the March 9 edition of the Daily Mail.
In 1991, Monckton won a libel case over a September 28, 1990 article about his financial affairs in Private Eye.


In 1995, Monckton and his wife opened Monckton's, a high-end shirt shop in Kings' Road, Chelsea.
In 1999, Monckton created and published the Eternity puzzle, a geometric puzzle that involved tiling a dodecagon with 209 irregularly shaped polygons called Polydrafters.
A £1 million prize was won after 18 months by two Cambridge mathematicians.
By that time, 500,000 puzzles had been sold. Monckton said he had to sell his home, Crimonmogate, to pay the prize; he later said the story was a publicity stunt.
A second puzzle, Eternity II, was launched on 28 July 2007, with a prize of $2 million.

Political career

Although Monckton is a hereditary peer, his father's membership of the House of Lords was ended by the House of Lords Act 1999.
Monckton has referred to himself as "a member of the Upper House but without the right to sit or vote,"
The House of Lords has said he is not and never has been a member, and that there is no such thing as a non-voting or honorary member.

He stood unsuccessfully in four by-elections for vacant seats created by deaths among the 92 hereditary peers remaining in the Lords after the reforms.
He stood for a Conservative seat in a March 2007 by-election; of the 43 candidates, 31 received no votes, Monckton included.
He subsequently stood in the crossbench by-elections of May 2008, July 2009, and June 2010, again receiving no votes.
He was highly critical of the way the Lords was reformed, describing the procedure in the March 2007 by-election, with 43 candidates and 47 electors, as "a bizarre constitutional abortion."

He has also considered standing for election to the House of Commons (which hereditary peers are entitled to do if they are not members of the House of Lords).

At the 2010 general election he was nominated as the UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate for the Scottish constituency of Perth and North Perthshire, but withdrew in accordance with UKIP's policy of not opposing other Eurosceptic parliamentary candidates.
In June 2010, UKIP announced he had been appointed its deputy leader, to serve alongside David Bannerman.

Political views

Climate change

"You won't see them flashing past, as they scuttle down to their noisome lairs—there to snivel in the darkness".
— Monckton on what he claims will be the fate of climate scientists who have allegedly distorted temperature data. Interview with Bob Parks (2010)
Monckton is critical of the theory of anthropogenic causes for climate change and the stated scope of it, which he regards as a controversy catalysed by "the need of the international left for a new flag to rally round following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989".

He has expressed doubt about the reality of global warming in a number of newspaper articles and papers.

However, his credentials as a commentator on climate change have been questioned. James Hoggan and Richard Littlemore note in their book Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming that Monckton has "no training whatsoever in science" and criticise his asserted credentials as "unfounded self-promotion."
Which since seemingly almost all of his material seems plagiarised from Dr. Richard North, Andrew Watts and Ian Plimer does rather damage the cause of truth repudiating the anthropomorphic nature of global warming which the 'Warmists' glibbly promulgate on the shakiest of information purchasable.

In the first of two Sunday Telegraph editorials published in November 2006, Monckton disputed whether global warming is man-made, suggested that it is unlikely to prove catastrophic, and criticised the science presented by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
The IPCC has now been widely discreditted and we note that the exposure of Mr. Paschauri the Nobel Laureat with Al Gore would seem to suggest the pair of them were being far from honest and less than factual - though it is to be noted that foolishly Christopher Monckton sabotages his own position surrendering the moral high ground with some alacrity with his dishonest claims to be a part winner of the Nobel Laureat.

In populist circles Monckton may well seem credible but for those with some judgement and understanding of the subject he achieves more harm than good for the cause albeit he may well make large 'gains' for himself - a common attribute of UKIP's leading figures!

In particular, he has criticised the IPCC's interpretation of the Medieval Warm Period, cited the "hockey stick" controversy as evidence of faulty science, argued that the science in the IPCC reports has misapplied the Stefan–Boltzmann law, and supported the solar variation theory as a possible explanation of global warming. In an apparent reference to claims made by Gavin Menzies, he further stated "There was little ice at the North Pole: a Chinese naval squadron sailed right round the Arctic in 1421 and found none."

He subsequently apologised for mentioning the "perhaps apocryphal" story.
Editorial writer for The Guardian George Monbiot has criticised Monckton's arguments, labelling them "cherry-picking, No doubt in ire at someone using his own and the 'Warmists' techniques, minded of the miniscule sample data of the IPCC scam.

It would seem as ever for the Guardian downright misrepresentation and pseudo-scientific gibberish from Moonbat is acceptable hence the recent need for apology and retraction by The Guardian and Moonbat for hit unprincipled attack on Dr. Richard North and Christopher Booker recently.

Monckton argued that he "got the science right", claiming that Monbiot got "too many facts wrong" and had shown "ignorance of the elementary physics".

In the second Sunday Telegraph opinion piece Monckton looked at economic aspects of the U.K. government's Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, arguing that the review's recommendation to invest 1% of global GDP per annum in climate change mitigation would be ineffective, as would the introduction of carbon taxes and emissions trading, as a means of curbing carbon emissions. He has proposed instead that the best solution should be to "go nuclear and reverse 20th-century deforestation."

In February 2007, he published a critique of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report on climate change.

Monckton's CV as Chief Policy Adviser at the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) claims that "the correction of a table inserted by IPCC bureaucrats... earned him the status of Nobel Peace Laureate." In January 2010, Monckton voiced this claim on an Australian radio broadcast.

When later questioned about this by reporters, Monckton conceded that his claim to have won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 was "a joke". As of 6 June 2010, the claim that Monckton is a Nobel Peace Laureate has not been removed from the SPPI web site.

Monckton played a role in a legal challenge heard in the High Court of Justice in October 2007 in a bid to prevent An Inconvenient Truth from being shown in English schools.

In an interview with the conservative American talk radio host Glenn Beck, Monckton stated that he had prompted an unnamed friend to fund the case "to fight back against this tide of unscientific freedom-destroying nonsense" and had played a direct role in the litigation against the British government.

He was also reported to have funded the distribution to schools of the documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle as a riposte to Gore's film.

In March 2007, Monckton ran a series of advertisements in The New York Times and Washington Post challenging Al Gore to an internationally televised debate on climate change. The former U.S. Vice President responded in writing but refused to debate.

The Science and Public Policy Institute provided funding for Monckton to produce a response to An Inconvenient Truth, titled Apocalypse?, No!, described as "showing Monckton presenting a slide show in a vitriolic attack on climate change science."

The film includes footage of Monckton giving a Gore-style presentation on 8 October 2007 at the Cambridge Union in which he asserted that Gore and the IPCC had systematically falsified and exaggerated the evidence for global warming.

In July 2008 Monckton wrote an article about climate sensitivity for the American Physical Society's Forum on Physics and Society, concluding: "it is very likely that in response to a doubling of pre-industrial carbon dioxide concentration [surface temperature] will rise not by the 3.26 °K [sic] suggested by the IPCC, but by <1 °K."

Some right-wing media commentators interpreted the publication of his paper as a sign that the American Physical Society had abandoned its earlier support for the scientific consensus on climate change.

In response, the APS reaffirmed its unchanged position on climate change and pointed out that the newsletter of the APS Forum on Physics and Society "carries the statement that 'Opinions expressed are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the APS or of the Forum.' This newsletter is not a journal of the APS and it is not peer reviewed."

The APS further added a disclaimer to the top of Monckton's article stating: "...Its conclusions are in disagreement with the overwhelming opinion of the world scientific community. The Council of the American Physical Society disagrees with this article's conclusions."

The American Physical Society, however, was later compelled to remove the portions of its disclaimer about the opinions of the world scientific community and of its own Council, which had not in fact taken a position on Monckton's paper.

In a response, Monckton called the APS "red flag" "discourteous" and claimed his paper had been "scientifically reviewed in meticulous detail".

During the autumn of 2009, Monckton toured North America to campaign against the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December 2009. He warned that a treaty was planned for the conference that would "impose a communist world government on the world", which no country would then be able to repeal.

Monckton's comments were picked up by numerous commentators on the American right, including Glenn Beck. The St. Petersburg Times's described his assertions as "not only unsupported but preposterous" and stated "...Lord Monckton earns a special ruling — Britches on Fire!".

After attending one of Monckton's talks, Ethan Baron of the Canadian newspaper The Province criticised Monckton's assertions as the product of a "whacked-out, far-right ideology, combined with an ego the size of the Antarctic ice sheet."

The scientific assertions made by Monckton have been criticised as "pure fantasy" by Professor Barry R. Bickmore of Brigham Young University, who comments: "when you see a complete amateur raising objections about a highly technical subject, claiming that he or she has blown the lid off several decades of research in the discipline, you should be highly suspicious."

Personally I would contend we have every right to consider the so called science produced by Government lackeys as some of the most expensive boot licking in the history of mankind and minded that it is without exception these self same Governments who, due to Diplomatic incompetence, led to som 60,000,000 deaths in warfare in the 20th. Century and Government backed scientists of America still have not recompensed the people of Bhopal for their catastrophic incompetence 25 years ago.

As Brigham Young University is a wholely owned Mormon business can we have ANY faith in the utterances of such an organisation based upon a minority superstition?

Vaclav Klaus, the president of the Czech Republic, defended Monckton's views, commenting: "I agree with Lord Monckton that the cap-and-trade bill 'is the largest tax increase ever to be inflicted on a population in the history of the world'", and nationally syndicated US right-wing conservative radio commentator Michael Savage praised Monckton's tour, saying: "it is very rare we get someone as succinct, and as literate, and as passionate ... as Lord Christopher Monckton."

In October 2009, during his tour of North America, Monckton gave a talk on climate science at an event held at Minnesota's Bethel University, sponsored by the Minnesota Free Market Institute. In response, University of St. Thomas professor of thermal engineering John Abraham published an online rebuttal of the claims made by Monckton in his talk.

Abraham's presentation, in which he asserted that Monckton had misrepresented and misunderstood scientific findings, received praise as a "long-needed factual voice on climate change."

Monckton's response accused Abraham of misrepresentation and libel, criticised the university and its head, and demanded a retraction, apology, disciplinary action against Abraham and a compensatory payment. The University of St Thomas supported Abraham, threatening legal action if Monckton continued making "disparaging or defamatory comments".

Abraham's statement was, in my opinion correct when he said a "long-needed factual voice on climate change." A statement no one could refute in view of the obscene amount of public money spent on producing the utterly untrustworthy IPCC and the yet further sums spent defending the indefensible!

Social and economic policy

Eddy Shah: Today and the Newspaper Revolution describes him as "a fervent, forthright and opinionated Roman Catholic Tory" who has been closely associated with the "New Right" faction of the Conservative Party.

As one of Margaret Thatcher's policy advisors, he has been credited with being "the brains behind the Thatcherite policy of giving council tenants (public housing) the right to buy their homes."

Criticizing the campaign to save the Ravenscraig ironworks, Monckton wrote, "The Scots are subsidy junkies whingeing like crumpled bagpipes and waiting for a fix of English taxpayers' money."

He has been associated with the Referendum Party, advising its founder Sir James Goldsmith, and in 2003 he helped a Scottish Tory breakaway group, the Scottish Peoples Alliance.

In 2009 he joined the UK Independence Party; he is now deputy leader.

Monckton was a sponsor of the anti-homosexual Conservative Family Campaign in the 1990s.

In 1997, Monckton criticized works at the Fotofeis (the Scottish International Festival of Photography) and Sensation as "feeble-minded, cheap, pitiable, exploitative sensationalism perpetrated by the talent-free and perpetuated by over-funded, useless, muddle-headed, middle-aged, pot-bellied, brewer's-droopy quangoes which a courageous Government would forthwith cease to subsidise with your money and mine."
Views on AIDS
Monckton's views on how the AIDS epidemic should be tackled have been the subject of some controversy. In an article for The American Spectator entitled "AIDS: A British View", written for the magazine's January 1987 issue, he argued that "there is only one way to stop AIDS. That is to screen the entire population regularly and to quarantine all carriers of the disease for life.

Every member of the population should be blood-tested every month ... all those found to be infected with the virus, even if only as carriers, should be isolated compulsorily, immediately, and permanently." This would involve isolating between 1.5 and 3 million people in the United States ("not altogether impossible") and another 30,000 people in the UK ("not insuperably difficult").

The article was highly controversial, with The American Spectator's then assistant managing editor, Andrew Ferguson, denouncing it in the letters column of the same issue.

Monckton appeared on the BBC's Panorama programme in February 1987 to discuss his views and present the results of an opinion poll that found public support for his position.

Monckton has since stated "the article was written at the very outset of the AIDS epidemic, and with 33 million people around the world now infected, the possibility of [quarantine] is laughable. It couldn't work."

European integration

Monckton has been an advocate of Euroscepticism for many years; as he put it in a 2007 interview, he would "leave the European Union, close down 90 per cent of government services and shift power away from the atheistic, humanistic government and into the hands of families and individuals."

In 1994, he sued the Conservative government of John Major for agreeing to contribute to the costs of the Protocol on Social Policy agreed in the 1993 Maastricht Treaty, although the UK had an opt-out from the protocol. The case was heard in the Scottish Court of Session in May 1994. His petition for judicial review was dismissed by the court for want of relevancy.

Monckton to stand in UKIP leadership race
A colleague of ours has informed the Junius Team that Mad Monckton WILL be standing in the leadership election. He seems to think that his ‘aristocratic’ background will win him a lot of votes. How spiffin! We are so glad. That will give us the chance to release some interesting emails and more facts about the Mad Viz Count.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

UKIP: The lies of Christopher MONKTON as at 01-Jun-2011

UKIP: The lies of Christopher MONKTON as at 01-Jun-2011

UKIP: The lies of Christopher Monckton

Would you really want this man leading UKIP?
It beggars belief that some UKIPPERS actually think that Christopher Monckton should replace Farage as leader. Quick, send for the white coats before it's too late!

The Irish Independent has picked up on the current UKIP leadership crises:

The UK Independence Party, which wants the country to get out of the EU, is now beset with internal crises of its own.

One of its top European Parliament members, David Campbell Bannerman, has returned to the Conservatives, saying he is 'impressed' by Cameron, a sharp contrast with a year ago when he said that trusting the prime minister on Europe would be "as misguided as trusting Blair on Iraq".

If Nigel Farage is forced out as UKIP's leader, the name in the frame to succeed him is Viscount Christopher Monckton, a right-wing maverick whose aunt, Lady Valerie Goulding, was the founder of the Central Remedial Clinic in Dublin.

It was his grandfather, Walter Monckton, who was the key adviser to King Edward VIII during the abdication crisis of 1936, which came close to destroying the monarchy.
To read the original: LINK

Here a few Monckton facts for you. And don't say we didn't warn you!

He claims to be a science expert. This is despite the fact that his paper-thin educational background lies in the Classics and his single academic credit is a diploma in journalism.

He claims to have found a cure for Graves’ Disease, multiple sclerosis, influenza, and herpes simplex VI. There is no cure for these illnesses. He also claims to have found a treatment for HIV.

Votagra. As used by Nigel Farage MEP!

But what is more worrying is the fact that UKIP is happy to promote his lies on their official website:

2008-present: RESURREXI Pharmaceutical: Director responsible for invention and development of a broad-spectrum cure for infectious diseases. Patents have now been filed. Patients have been cured of various infectious diseases, including Graves’ Disease, multiple sclerosis, influenza, and herpes simplex VI. Our first HIV patient had his viral titre reduced by 38% in five days, with no side-effects. Tests continue. See: LINK

He has been accused of deliberately manipulating scientific data. See: LINK
He has claimed to be a Member of a House of Lords. Here is one example:

In 2006 Monckton sent a letter to U.S. Senators Olympia Snowe and John D. Rockefeller.

Part of the letter read:

Finally, you may wonder why it is that a member of the Upper House of the United Kingdom legislature, wholly unconnected with and unpaid by the corporation that is the victim of your lamentable letter, should take the unusual step of calling upon you as members of the Upper House of the United States legislature either to withdraw what you have written or resign your sinecures.
To read the original: LINK

Monckton has attempted to get into the House of Lords. He tried in 1999. See: LINK

He also tried in 2007. He failed to receive a single vote. See: LINK

But perhaps he didn’t notice. Or did he just forget?

Monckton is best known for his lectures on climate change. At the start of these talks he is introduced as ‘Lord Monckton’. He even uses the emblem of Parliament, the Crowned Portcullis, on his PowerPoint slides.

Monckton has said:

“I am a member of the House of Lords, though without the right to sit or vote, and I have never suggested otherwise.”

A quick call to the House of Lords will confirm that Christopher Monckton is not and has never been a Member of the House of Lords. There is no such thing as a “non-voting” or “honorary” member.

Here are the facts:

Christopher Monckton's father, the 2nd Viscount Monckton, was a Member of the Lords until 1999. The House of Lords Act 1999 ended the automatic link between the holding of a hereditary peerage and membership of the House of Lords, and the 2nd Lord Monckton ceased to be a member of the House at that point.

Christopher Monckton is the 3rd Viscount Monckton and inherited the title following his father's death in 2006. He has never sat in the House.

It is interesting to note that use of the Crowned Portcullis is protected by legislation. This is what the UK Parliament website says on the matter:

The principal emblem of the House is the Crowned Portcullis. It is a royal badge and its use by the House has been formally authorised by licence granted by Her Majesty the Queen. The designs and symbols of the House should not be used for purposes to which such authentication is inappropriate, or where there is a risk that their use might wrongly be regarded, or represented, as having the authority of the House.

The House symbol is primarily used to authenticate communications from Members. Further background information can found in The Portcullis.

If you require further information about using the Crowned Portcullis, please contact

We sincerely hope that Monckton has not appropriated the symbol of the House for purposes "where there is a risk that their use might wrongly be regarded, or represented, as having the authority of the House".
The Lords and the Palace are extremely unhappy that Monckton has been misusing the portcullis symbol without the permission of the Queen.

A spokesman said: "Lord Monckton is not and never has been a member of the House of Lords. The clerk of the parliaments has written to Lord Monckton, confirming that he has no association with the House and advising him to stop branding himself as such."

Official logo of the House of Lords (left) and that used by Christopher Monckton (right). Naughty!
She said that Monckton's claim that the 1999 act was a general law was "misleading".
"The 1999 act does not remove letters patent, it just ends the right to be a member of the House by virtue of the hereditary peerage. The Act is pretty clear and uses the term 'membership' not the 'right to sit/vote',".
"The emblem is property of the Queen, and Parliament has a Royal Licence granted for its use. Any misuse of the emblem by either members or non-members breaches this licence, and if a person refuses to stop using it the matter is drawn to the attention of the Lord Chamberlain, who is an Officer of the Royal Household. The Lord Chamberlain has been contacted regarding Lord Monckton's use of the emblem, and it will fall to him to follow up on any misuse of the emblem."
The spokesman added: "If, following the correspondence, Lord Monckton continues to claim to be a member of the House then the House authorities would need to consider and assess what options are available to them."
Buckingham Palace has confirmed that it is "aware of this matter", but said it "can not disclose any details on private correspondence between Buckingham Palace and an individual". See: LINK

In 2007, Monckton, or someone using Monckton's personal IP address, claimed on his Wikipedia page that he had won a libel judgment against the Guardian’s George Monbiot. He lied. When challenged, Monckton dodged the issue. See: LINK
Monckton also makes ridiculous claims on other topics, such as that a ban of DDT was singlehandedly responsible for all malaria deaths in the last few decades, or that the best way to have solved the AIDS crisis was to imprison all AIDS sufferers until they died.

Monckton says that he is the author of a 1200-word article for the Daily Telegraph on the reasons in international law why the Falkland Islands are British. It was supposedly read out on the BBC World Service's Argentinian broadcasts every 20 minutes during the Falklands War.

But the BBC World Service deny this. They don't have an Argentinian service, and have never made specifically Argentinian broadcasts.

Monckton has said that he has won the Nobel Prize.

In an open letter to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), he claimed to have been named a Nobel Peace Laureate for correcting the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was awarded the Nobel in 2007

Monckton also claimed on the website of his organisation, the Science and Public Policy Institute, that he “earned the status of Nobel Peace Laureate (through) his contribution to the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report in 2007.”
The website continued, “his Nobel Prize pin…was presented to him by the Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Rochester, New York.

In 2007 Nobel committee awarded the 2007 Peace Prize to Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) "for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change".
Monckton claimed to also be a Nobel winner because he had done such good work trying to undermine their effort. Monckton claimed that he deserved the accolade because he was a "reviewer" of the IPCC report.

Monckton said he also deserved a Nobel Prize because he wrote a letter pointing out a decimal point typo in one table of one IPCC report, making him a “contributor to the IPCC”.
The IPCC accepts reviews, unsolicited, and actually invites reviews from people who have varied perspectives, scientific and otherwise. But that doesn’t mean they can claim to be a Nobel Laureate!

The Nobel Committee were less than impressed with Monckton.

Committee secretary Geir Lundestat had never heard of Lord Monckton.

“The claim is ridiculous,” said Lundestat. “He is not a laureate - no way, no way.”

Thousands of people, he said, participated in the program of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which shared the 2007 prize with Al Gore.

“But the organisation won the prize. Not even Dr Rajendra Pachauri (the chair of the IPCC) is an individual laureate.”
No individual, no matter what their involvement with the IPCC, can pass themselves off as a Nobel Laureate.

And Monckton’s Nobel Prize pin?

“It certainly wasn’t issued by us,” said Lundestat. “We have no pin.”

Actually, Monckton got a friend to melt down an old science experiment so they could fashion a little Nobel Prize pin. It was later presented to Monckton in a highly unofficial ceremony! See: LINK
When Monckton was cornered by the Sydney Morning Herald, he reportedly said that the claim to have won the Nobel Prize was “a joke, a joke.” See: LINK
The admission was made several hours after he had said on a radio program that he had been awarded the Nobel - a claim that the interviewer did not question.

So why does the website of his organisation, the Science and Public Policy Institute, still state that:

His contribution to the IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report in 2007 - the correction of a table inserted by IPCC bureaucrats that had overstated tenfold the observed contribution of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets to sea-level rise - earned him the status of Nobel Peace Laureate. His Nobel prize pin, made of gold recovered from a physics experiment, was presented to him by the Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Rochester, New York, USA.
To read the original: LINK

And don’t forget the time he said that he had been forced to sell his ancestral home after losing a fortune on a $1 million puzzle.

He later admitted that the story had been invented to boost sales of the puzzle. See: LINK

And this is the man now being touted as UKIP’s next leader! A serial liar and fantasist as a political leader? Whatever next?

A great deal more about the antics, stupidity and compliance with the style of being a 'Crank & Gadfly' with a visit to CLICK HERE and in the >SEARCH< box at the top of the >Right SideBar< enter >monkton< there is very little to be found about him that does not show him to be other than a liability, a fool all be it a clever fool, a self publicist, a clown, dishonest, duplicitous, a plagiarist and a total prat. 
This of course is the Crank, Gadfly and all around nutter who was made to look a complete fool and revealed as such by The US Senate, who then as leader of UKIP in Scotland made a complete fool of himself by espousing opinions on Hollie Greig without checking a single fact or knowing what he was talking about.

This is the buffoon who many consider to be next in line for Coronation as UKIP leader IF Nigel Farage MEP goes (unlikely) - The poor chap is a completely dellusional fruitcake!
12 Aug 2010
#0066* - The Mad MONKton is CLEARLY A CHARLATAN & A LIAR. Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable! The corruption of some of EUkip's leadership, their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! ...
17 Aug 2010
Finally it is clear that in standing down on 02-Sep-2010 Pearson is clearly favouring Christopher Monkton as his interim leader and we gather in complete disregard for the credibility of UKIP the clown wants the cuedos and will take the ...
17 Aug 2010
11 Aug 2010
23 Jul 2010
Nigel Farage has been - as I predicted almost 15 years ago has been an unmittigated disaster as a leader - Malcolm Lord Pearson is just a fool and Christopher Lord Monkton is a professional clown and serial liar. ...

14 Jul 2010
To:;; CC:;; info\ ">" Subject: Nigel's attention seeking goes beyond satire! ...
08 Jul 2010

06 Jul 2010

27 Jun 2010

23 June 2010

ukip-lies-and-lies-and-lies-and-lies-of10 Jun 2010

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