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EU Membership Referendum Petition

No-one in Britain under 53 years of age, born after 1957, has ever had a chance to give their opinion on the  position of these United Kingdoms in relation to a European Union (EU).

Some people believe that  we should leave the EU altogether, and that we should negotiate trading and  other agreements with Europe as we would with any other country or continent.

Others believe that our best interests would be served by fully committing to  the EU, which would mean greater surrender of sovereignty to Brussels, and  eventual adoption of the single currency - the Euro.

Currently, we have one  foot in the EU, and one foot outside it. It does rather feel as if the Politicians and Civil Servants have both feet in and do not represent the wishes of the people who elect and pay them who increasingly seem to have both feet out!

This is detrimental to our interests,  and to the interests of the EU, both politically and economically, and we need  to take a decision as to where our future as a nation lies.

This decision must  be taken by the people, and our politicians must abide by it.

When that decision  is made, then we will look to our politicians to show strong and decisive  leadership, and to take our country on the course we choose.

We believe that the time to  make our decision is NOW!

We the undersigned call upon OUR Prime Minister and his Government to enable an Act of Parliament, to allow  the British people a free, informed and fair referendum on the United Kingdom's continued membership of  this EUropean Union.

It is impossible to overlook the undeniable unpopularity of The EU and the increasing distrust of its institutions and all it stands for evn when one considers the €2.4 Billion of tax payers' money it squanders on propaganda to convince its victims of it claimed benefits.

Consider the EU's own in house poll right across the peoples of The EU:

When you look a little closer and realise that of the  countries where less than 50% of the population 'Tend To Trust The EU' and that includes these United Kingdoms, France, Italy, Germany, Greece & Spain that makes it abundantly clear that all is not right in this risible experimental Holy Roman Empire, as that represents at least 2/3 of the population.

It is clear the experiment has failed when a clear majority wish to either leave or totally restructure this entity - then to force people to remain it has become a prison!

When a political prison is extended to Nation States that have been forcibly parted from their independent status and denied their sovereignty and had their borders thrown open against their will then that prison is no more than a Gulag moving towards revolution whether bloodless collapsing in fiscal ruin or bloody collapsing in violence, famine and disease.

Let us all work together - regardless of our party affiliations, views and values as we all have two very clear things in common - Firstly we as the peoples of these United Kingdoms have a long history of fair play and being prepared to give our lives to grant others the liberty and democracy they deserve and secondly a duty to our peoples and our descendants to ensure we make a full, free, informed and committed decision to the future either in The EU and leading or leading to liberty.

To that end and with a view to self determination for the peoples of these United Kingdoms the following organisations are to a greater or lesser extent working towards ensuring OUR Government acquits its duty and ensures OUR peoples, regardless of colour, creed or gender, their full and rightful right to self determination and a well organised, free, fair, informed and balanced referendum as to whether we remain as vassals of an ever increasing political and economic Union as was envisaged by the founders or devote our efforts to liberty, self determination, democracy and co-operation within the Anglosphere and the world at large with our allies, associates, friends and partners in trade and commerce, values and aspirations.