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Monday 6 September 2010

#Doc052* - McKENZIE, Winston 01 -

#Doc052* - McKENZIE, Winston 01 -

McKENZIE, Winston Truman
857 Votes Allocated NEC 2010

A TOTALLY inappropriate candidate for UKIP, having stood for various Parties in numerous elections, having joind most parties at one time or another - having had a string of failed jobs behind him including the bar & grill with gym he ran where when raided by the police 25 arrests were made for possesion of drugs, dealing and firearms.

That he is considered appropriate by UKIP such that is now considered one of the 4 most appropriate candidates for leadership shows UKIP for the farce it really is.


Here are some of the antics of this inadequate, so very UKIP!:

2002. McKenzie Bros Bar & Grill went into liquidation with the Gym and was closed down after a police raid resulted in 25 people on the premises being charged with drugs and firearms offences

2002 - Left Labour Party and joined the Lib Dims

2003 - Left Lib Dims to be an Independent

2004 - Joined Kilroy-Silk's Veritas Party and then ran for leader in 2005

2005 - Auditioned for X-Factor

2006 Joined the Conservative Party and tried to get their London Mayoral nomination in 2007. Unsurprisingly failed, left them in a display of self interest!

2008. Stood as an independent Mayoral candidate and came 10th.

2009 Formed the Unity Party  - a pro-EUropean and pan EUropean federalist party.

2009 Joined UKIP and immediately stood for leader.

Subsequently leaps up and down like a performing flea for attention at any cost!

Little more than a political prostitute and attention speaker.


Even more worrying is that the past tokenry leader Lord Pearson and the defacto leader of many years again awaiting coronation, Nigel Farage MEP believes he is suitable to advocate him as a leader.

It does look as if this rather sad figure is being used and abused as UKIP's tokenery Black working class 'exhibit'.

McKenzie has cropped up as 'an also ran' at numerous UKIP elections - has stood for Veritas and had his own party having been turned down by Political Parties in the past. Would perhaps feature as tokenism in the racist environs of UKIP's EFD Partners and for more info. on this one time boxer and publican (I gather their pub went VERY bust) CLICK HERE 

McKenzie has helped himself hugely by avoiding the signatures of the corrupt present leadership and their goffers.
Aged 53. Former boxer.

Says “the rise and rise of UKIP is inevitable”.
Not under the present leadership, Winston!
McKenzie has previously been a member of Labour, the Tories and Veritas.
He also ran as an independent (but under the self-proclaimed title 'Black Voice for Great Britain') in the Brent East by-election in 2003, finishing seventh, with less than 1% of the vote.
Has ambitions to lead UKIP. An ambition that we doubt he will achieve.
Is not very impressed with some of UKIP’s allies in the EFD Group.
Some would say that he is a featherweight candidate. Excuse the pun!
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Winston Truman McKenzie (born 23 October 1953, in Jamaica) is a UK politician, notable for having joined every major political party, and for having stood as an independent or minor party candidate on numerous occasions. He is currently standing for the UKIP leadership.
McKenzie was originally a middleweight boxer and was the All England National Amateur Boxing Champion, and he is an older brother of boxer Duke McKenzie. He contended that after an underprivileged childhood, "boxing was my salvation".[1] However, his boxing career was cut short at 23 by two detached retinas.[2] He later worked as a hairdresser, a rug wholesaler, a letting agent and a garage mechanic. He also ran a pub with his brothers, the McKenzie Bros Bar & Grill, which closed down in 2002 after a police raid resulted in 25 people on the premises being charged with drugs and firearms offences.[3] He is now a youth worker.
In 2005, he unsuccessfully auditioned for "The X Factor".[4]

Political career
McKenzie first joined the Labour Party in the 1980s.[5] In 2002, he joined the Liberal Democrats, and in February 2003 was quoted in the press as saying ""I'm still very involved with the Liberal Democrats and have every intention of standing for MP in the next election."".[3] By the September 2003 Brent East by-election, he had left the Liberal Democrats, and he stood as an Independent candidate, on a slogan of "The black voice for Great Britain" and a platform of an immediate end to all immigration and asylum, and increasing sports facilities for young people.[6] He polled 197 votes (0.94%), coming 7th out of 16 candidates.[7]

In 2004, McKenzie joined the newly-formed Veritas party, calling for "a blanket ban on immigration and asylum for one year",[8] and becoming its principal spokesman on sport.[5] In the 2005 general election, he stood for Veritas in Croydon North, coming 7th of 9 candidates with 324 votes (0.7%). After the election, he attacked party leader Robert Kilroy-Silk, whom he publicly blamed for his defeat, and for his lost deposit and other financial losses as a result of his campaign.[9] He resigned from Veritas 2 weeks after the 2005 election (and 3 months after originally joining), before then rejoining Veritas when Kilroy-Silk stepped down as leader, so that he could stand for leader of Veritas. He lost.[10] In between his two short memberships of Veritas, he stood in the 16 June 2005 Fieldway by-election to Croydon Council, as an Independent. He came 4th of 5 candidates, polling 47 votes (2.47%) - the only candidate he beat was standing for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.[10][11]

After the local press reported his 2004 "inaugural Croydon youth games ended in farce [in] October after many events were cancelled at short notice",[8] he accused the local Conservative council of being "racist" in failing to support the endeavour,[10] but he appears to have changed his opinion of the Conservatives by November 2006, when he joined the Conservative party, announcing his intention to be the next Mayor of London. He stood in 2007 for the Conservative party's nomination, but failed to attract enough support to make the shortlist. He then left the Conservative Party by the end of the year, and stood in the 2008 Mayoral election as an Independent candidate, under the slogans "I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee; I've got the policies they can't see" and "They said it couldn't be done".[1] He came last of the 10 candidates, polling 5,389 votes. (0.22%) [2]
In March 2009, McKenzie founded The Unity Party and announced he would be the Unity Party candidate for Croydon Central at the next UK general election.[12] In October 2009, McKenzie reported that Unity had folded as a party because of the withdrawal of its main financial backer.[13]
In September 2009 he joined the United Kingdom Independence Party and immediately announced he was a candidate in their leadership election to succeed Nigel Farage. However, as he was still the leader of the Unity Party, he was barred from standing in the leadership election, and his candidature was blocked.[14] In February 2010 McKenzie was adopted as UKIP's candidate for Tottenham.[15] In the 2010 general election he came 6th of 10 candidates in Tottenham, polling 466 votes (1.1%).[16]
In September 2010, the BBC reported that McKenzie intends to stand for leader of UKIP again, after Lord Pearson of Rannoch resigned having only been leader for nine months.[17] Winston McKenzie's Proposer for the Party Leadership of UKIP is Marianne Bowness. Assentors include Nigel Farage MEP who is the defacto leader and winner and seems not to learn from his mistakes having most ineptly proposed the last leader and denigrated all his MEPs and contestants on TV quite deliberately; also the last titular Leader Lord Pearson after his calamitous intervention his support for both Farage AND McKenzie seems as inept as his active campaigning in the General Election for The Tories, UKIP & Labour! To be fair he did say he was no good as a leader, which the members seem heartily to agree with.
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06 Sep 2010
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21 Jul 2010
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