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Monday, 6 September 2010

#Doc051* - SMITH, Jason 01

#Doc051* - SMITH, Jason 01

SMITH, Jason

Jason Smith runs his own Sports, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy business specialising in Business Development, Sports Enhancement and weight loss, working with business, professional and amateur athletes and sports teams. Bradford & District Chairman and spokesman for UKIP.

Member of the Bradford Civic Society Regeneration Committee.

Bradford No2ID Coordinator Hobbies include alternative therapies, writing comedy, snooker, fantasy football and power-lifting. Organises regular charity sporting events in aid of cancer charities.
Dear Sir/Madam,

As you may or may not know I have announced my intention to stand for the UKIP leadership,

I will of course be a massive underdog, no doubt competing against elected officials, Lords and the face of UKIP Nigel Farage – while I respect Nigel immensely and believe he should continue to be the face and spokesman for UKIP, I believe I could be a great compliment to him and UKIP – UKIP needs a public face but also a leader.

UKIP needs a new strategy and I believe I have the ability and experience to deliver this.

I will shortly be publishing a detailed manifesto, but I am keen not to give my opponents the ‘keys to victory’, instead I will present (below) a mini manifesto where I will detail my unique abilities and my blueprint for UKIP’s success.

My Guiding Principles for UKIP

UKIP should be a party that speaks to every section of the population. UKIP has been too dogmatic in the past; we are a broad church and should be open for all.

UKIP’s brand should be as a ‘libertarian’ party. If UKIP don’t know who they are, how can the public? Freedom should underpin all our strategy and goals.

UKIP should have a coherent and consistent local strategy. UKIP focus must be at a local level – all levels of UKIP must buy in to this.

UKIP should be a real opposition party with competent national spokesman, available to the media and local branches in the UK 24-7.

What I bring to the table

Transforming business: I will work with UKIP as I do with big business, developing their strategy and putting the right pieces in place to allow UKIP to grow, become a powerful political force and ultimately obtain freedom.

Political strategist: elections must be fought like military campaigns. I will unveil a blueprint for UKIP success which will further develop UKIPs structure and strategies at all levels.

UKIP experience: Experience at branch and regional level. I know how UKIP works and more importantly how it doesn’t work.

Speaking experience: I will sell UKIP’s brand but won’t be its only spokesman – we will reject the ‘presidential’ format and lead an army of ‘experts’ behind our general Nigel Farage.

Desire: I am true UKIP, not a Tory or Labour cast off. I am committed to the cause and ready for the fight.

Blueprint for Success

Run UKIP like a business: not like an old boys club. UKIP is driving forward, but much too slowly and often hazardously. UKIP has grown too big to be managed as it currently is.

Policy: Engage the members and people. Let the people shape UKIP via referenda; we must show the people that we are the only true Democratic Party. It is not about changing your policy or principles but changing people’s perception of.

Make news: all too often UKIP follows the big stories, often very far behind. Let’s make the news and use the media.

Evolution: let us evolve in to a fully inclusive broad party. Freedom is a concept that appeals to all, but with all products you first must sell.

Ultimately the UKIP leadership will come down to 3 choices:
1. The face of UKIP- Nigel Farage
2. The “official” UKIP candidates - MEPs, Lords etc
3. The Peoples’ Champion – Jason Smith

I trust the people; let us see if the trust can be reciprocated.

Let me know if you feel you can support me,
Cheers - Jason

View the video as you may never see this candidate again:

UKIP leadership

Dear UKIP supporters,

After much deliberation, I have decided not to stand for the UKIP leadership. After canvassing many members I was encouraged that the majority of the membership shared my vision, this was unfortunately accompanied by a fear of the unknown, entirely understandable in the current UKIP landscape – better to play it safe was the feeling.
While the reality I think is, if you walk behind the view never changes.

It became clear that in order to sell and new strategy and vision to UKIP it would require more than a few weeks in the run up to the leadership election. Having stood this time would have shortchanged me and I feel the members of UKIP. I simply could not, at this time, compete with the elite, their profile, finance or political machine.

I would need to instead compete on a platform of ideas, this would involve fully rolling out my strategy and vision and giving our members time to digest it, this battle simply came too quickly for us, we would be going in to battle without the proper tools – something our troops are more than accustomed to.

What initially could be viewed as an obstacle I can now recognise as an opportunity. Rather than see this as UKIPs final chapter, I believe this to be a new page in UKIP’s evolution. My intended candidacy has brought me great heart and many kindred spirits, activists who felt powerless now have a hope, a new path for UKIP.

It seems another grassroots champion shares my view, that man is Frank Maloney – had we come together earlier then we may have just run the elite boys close. As it stands we can now regroup and look forward. Stay tuned, the revolution has begun.

Again, thanks for all your support,
Cheers, Jason
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