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Saturday 29 November 2008

#Doc009* - THE Returning Officer's Condemnation

#Doc009* - THE Returning Officer's Condemnation

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!




Results of the ballot to select MEP candidates

Wednesday, 27th August 2008
These are the results of the ballot to select candidates for the 2009 European elections as supplied by the Returning Officer, Piers Merchant. The scores have been rounded to the nearest whole number.
Two further recounts have taken place, in the East Midlands and the North West. In both cases a method was used which could detect errors but could not introduce new mistakes. Ballot papers were compared with the computer entries. Some very minor mistakes were found but these did not alter the previous order of candidates.
East Midlands

Clark          147
Pain           123
Allison        120
Afshar         119
Webb           60
Marriott        51
Atkinson      50

Ralph Atkinson has withdrawn.

North West

Beaman       223
Nuttall          213
McManus       85
Cannon          84
Brown            73
Jones            69
Griffiths         66
McGlade       51
Durrance       50

Greg Beaman has withdrawn.
Results for the London region:

Batten          287
Andreasen    226
Atkinson       134
Zuckerman     89
Robson           82
Worstall          57
Webb, S          40
Webb, V          36
McDonald        32
Howard           32
Watney           26
Marta Andreasen and Lynnda Robson have withdrawn.
Results for the Eastern region:

Campbell Bannerman       373
Agnew                            270
Smith                             222
Gulleford                         211
O'Boyle                           140
McGough                         137
Scott-Fawcett                   113
Baker                                84
Mason                               83
Stephen Scott-Fawcett has withdrawn
Results for the Yorkshire region:

Bloom      242
Arnott      196
Smith        83
Horton       79
Daniel        70

Results for the North East region:

Allison (Stephen)        109
Parkin                         64
Allison (Sandra)           42
Tennant                       41
Emmens                        8

This result was achieved after two full re-counts and two further partial recounts. The reason for the recounts was a dead heat for third place.

After the first count, a full re-count was conducted using an entirely different computer program which was our back-up in the event of a failure of the main program.  I am indebted to Eric Edmond for making this available,

The re-count produced an identical result.  At this stage we reviewed some ballot papers rejected originally as invalid.  Close scrutiny revealed the intention of the voters was quite clear and therefore these were allowed. 

A manual re-count was conducted, adding the newly allowed votes to the previous agreed score.  This was then double-checked by correcting the data in the main program.  Both results were identical and were as now declared.

Results for Scotland:

Adams         88
Henke          64
Anderson      46
Desmond,M   29
Mackay         27
Wiffen          24
Desmond,K   18

Results for the West Midlands region:

Nattrass            428
Sinclaire            209
Afshar               130
Seymour            107
Jennings            103
Hurst                  93
Oakton                92
Hazel                  54
Lynette Afshar has withdrawn
Results for Wales:

Bufton           128
Bevan            118
Mahoney          64
Rowlands         52
Whiffen            34
Gunavardhana  17

Results for the South West region:

Colman                   900
Dartmouth (Earl of) 630
Towler                    478
Beer                       462
Edmond                  303
Reid                        259
Wood                      236
Tingle                     210
McWilliam                201
Harrison                  171
Result for the South East region:

Farage            1720
Andreassen       852
Harris               266
Van der Elst      249
Aldridge            231
Webb                220
Browne             213
Moncreiff           188
Montgomery      182
Stroud              116
Burberry           111
Manzoor            107
Belobaba             70
Finch                   69
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