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Tuesday, 12 January 2010



Nicole Sinclaire MEP
44 Velsheda Road, Solihull B90 2JN
TEl 0794 146 1255 email

Nicole Sinclaire MEP: Change of Group

With effect from 18 January, I shall move from the EFD Group in the European Parliament to the Non-Attached Group. The latter is composed of non-aligned MEPs, independent of each other.

I have decided to move to this non-attached group as I have found it increasingly difficult to justify sitting alongside one or two of the European parties within the EFD Group who have a variety of extremist views which includes anti-Semitism, violence and the espousal of a single European policy on immigration. One of these parties, Liga Nord which was expelled from the previous Ind Dem Group, currently holds the Group Presidency jointly with UKIP.

In addition, a particular difficulty has arisen for me with the prospect of EFD joining a PAN-European Party whose aim is Party enhancement within the EU rather than extraction from it, to which I am implacably opposed.

My working relationship and trust with EFD Co-President, Nigel Farage has broken down since his personal admittance to me recently that he wished I had not been elected. The comment “I wish I had only 12 not 13 MEP`s” was made to many people in the aftermath of the European Elections. I have found this personal animosity difficult to work with.

I would also like to point out that on a pre arranged interview on the BBC West Midlands Politics Show, Mike Nattrass and I had to spent two thirds of the time defending our membership of the EFD Group and Nigel’s public remarks made about leadership candidates ‘not being credible’.

I have discussed my position at length with the Leader of UKIP, Lord Pearson, who understands my viewpoint and has assured me of his support both now and in the future in my continued work for UKIP. My move to the non-attached group therefore will not affect in any way my position as a UKIP MEP for the West Midlands.

I shall continue to work closely with my West Midlands colleague, Mike Nattrass, MEP and with UKIP's other MEPs for the promotion of UKIP's cause in the forthcoming General Election and thereafter. And I will support Nigel Farage's fight for the Buckingham seat which would be a breakthrough for UKIP and our cause. I am committed to support the West Midlands and the Party financially, as previously outlined, and indeed, hope to increase this support in the near future.

I would sincerely hope that the usual process of disinformation does not ensue. We have bigger battles to face. I would be most grateful if you would kindly contact me directly to discuss any concerns you have.
Kind regards

Nikki Sinclaire MEP

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